June-July 2020
Riviera Beach Housing Authority
Another Viral Experience Tomorrow:
Our July 14, 2020, Regular Board Meeting

The Board Meeting begins at 7 p.m. and will be available for public viewing via Zoom.
Click here to reach the meeting and, here , for all the details--the meeting ID and password--needed to attend.

Hope to See You There!
In Response to the Pandemic
The federal Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) provided special funds for COVID-19 response and, indeed, the Authority is using those federal funds to help, especially at Heron Estates Senior. With the support of onsite property managers, the Authority has provided sanitation equipment for daily use in common areas and in individual units as well as hundreds of gloves and face masks for use by residents. We have also engaged with one activist resident who helps ensure that information and support gets to as many residents as possible. We will continue as long as need be. "It's an ongoing thing," said Executive Director John W. Hurt. "We just took 10 boxes of masks over there yesterday." And, every Wednesday, Vice Chair Jessica Thurmond still provides donated meals to residents, as she began doing on a daily basis at the start of the pandemic.
He is a Public Servant
He’s run for public office, he’s run campaigns for public office and, for the last five years, he has acted as a mentor with the School District of Palm Beach County’s School Board Task Force for Education. Plus, each week, he and Mayor Ronnie L. Felder can be found feeding the homeless at St. George’s Episcopal Church. In other words, Commissioner Horace L. Towns is a public servant. And it makes sense: his family arrived in his hometown in 1914, relocating from Miccosukee in north Florida, and has been here ever since. He was appointed to the Board in 2017—his first experience with the critically important work of providing affordable housing for, well, the public he serves. He has worked hard to learn more about the field of public housing, which has changed, and leads the Board’s Finance Committee while advocating for the Authority’s future projects to anyone he can. “It’s important to me to give back,” Commissioner Towns said. “ God has blessed me with this appointment, which allows me and the Board to make impactful changes for families and generations to come. Affordable housing is a crisis that we are proactive in approaching.” 
Our Development Workshop
Creation of a single-family home-ownership program. Partnering with city-contracted banks. Quarterly meetings with all levels of government agencies that represent Riviera Beach. These were just some of the really interesting ideas that came out of our Development Workshop, held last month at the CRA Clean & Safe Ambassador Center on Singer Island. And it was meant to do just that: allow for brainstorming and connectedness with the community while also sharing our coming development projects, proposed initiatives and updates on Heron Estates. Many of those ideas will be discussed at our regular Board Meeting tomorrow, which can be viewed by the public via Zoom. Click here for the information needed to attend.
For Heron Estates Senior Residents:
News, Events and Useful Information from the City of Riviera Beach
Free Local Pandemic Testing Tomorrow

Thanks in part to a host of public officials who represent Riviera Beach at City Hall, the county and Tallahassee, free pandemic testing will be held tomorrow from 9 to 11 a.m. and is open to all city residents--including those at Heron Estates Senior. To schedule a required appointment, call 561-318-0280. The City's infection numbers have remained low, surely in response to the hard work of City Hall. We thank the City's first responders, employees and elected officials for their continued efforts.
Get Free Food Every Thursday
in Your Hometown

Anyone who can get to New Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church can get free, ready-made meals and fresh fruits, vegetables and salads every Thursday. That's thanks to its pastor, Bishop Thomas A. Masters, a former longtime City Mayor; a host of local nonprofits that focus on feeding the hungry; and another city-based pastor, Rev. Angus Brabham III. The event is scheduled for 11:30 a.m. every Thursday until further notice. For information, call 561-400-2712 or send an email here.
The Federal Government Wants to Hear from You. Still.
The U.S.2020 Census is seeking to count every human being living in the country, including, again, you! The deadline to participate has been pushed back to October 31, so click the button below to ensure that your city, county and state get the federal funding they need--and deserve--to provide services to their residents. Like those in Heron Estates Senior.

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