Health E *Bulletin
A Publication of the Wellness Leadership Committee
Purpose of the Wellness Leadership Committee: To ensure LEARN meets all federal and state wellness requirements pertaining to students and staff

LEARN's Wellness Leadership Committee focuses its efforts on four components of student and staff health: Staff Wellness, Physical Education/Health, School Activity/Recess, and Food/Nutrition.
Promoting Healthy Programs, Students, and Staff
Staff Wellness
The LEARN/CIGNA Health Campaign is a collaborative effort to support employee wellness. The Wellness Leadership Committee provides feedback to the agency on the campaign. Expanding the number of wellness opportunities for LEARN employees, and increasing the number of LEARN employees who are engaged in those wellness opportunities are objectives for the 2018 New Year! What would you like to see offered as a wellness option? Let a committee member know.
Physical Education and Health
Quality physical education programs support the physical, intellectual, and socio-emotional development of all students. Supporting efforts to collaborate across schools, the Wellness Leadership Committee is leading the development of LEARN’s first physical education curriculum framework. What is LEARN’s philosophy on physical education? What are our beliefs? What goals will we set for students based upon our philosophy and beliefs? How will students demonstrate they have achieved the goals? How will we ensure our students meet state standards? Stay tuned …
School Activities and Recess
Have you heard about Project ACES? Project ACES is an international youth fitness collaboration, celebrating 30-years as the world’s largest exercise class. Each May [National Physical Fitness and Sports Month], millions of school children all over the globe exercise simultaneously in a symbolic gesture of fitness. This non-competitive program has proven to be educational, motivational, and fun. This year, the date is set for May 2, 2018, at 10:00 a.m. and LEARN will be participating! We will pair the physical movement with a shoe drive. LEARN will unite to collect gently used shoes that can be repurposed. The shoes you no longer want create an opportunity for others. The power of a pair of shoes. More details to be shared in March.
Food and Nutrition
SLA Management offers custom food service solutions to academic programs throughout the U.S. They are the food service company providing quality, cost effective meals to the LEARN magnet schools. In partnership with the Wellness Leadership Committee, SLA is bringing back to LEARN magnet schools their popular Tasting Tuesdays! Tasting Tuesdays re-launched on January 9, 2018, and will continue on the 2nd Tuesday of each month! For more on this taste test for school students, visit
For more information:
Kate Ericson
LEARN, Associate Executive Director
Christin Kondash
LEARN, Nursing Supervisor
Committee Members: Kate Ericson, Co-chair; Christin Kondash, Co-chair; Brent Ali, The Friendship School; Sally Bondy, LEARN Central Office; Mike Clancy, Riverside Magnet School; Chris DeLucia, Three Rivers Middle College Magnet High School; Erik Farnsworth, Dual Language & Arts Magnet Middle School; Lori Gatheral, The Friendship School; Colleen Hardison, Marine Science Magnet High School; Joanne Huber, Regional Multicultural Magnet School; Andrea Simmons, The Friendship School; Brian Trost, LEARN Central Office; Jessica Zdanys, The Friendship School; Dan Watterson, SLA Management; Lisa Cooney, LEARN Central Office