Dear Partners and Friends,

We are leaving Sacramento with a joyful heart tomorrow and head West and then South through the State of California. Here in Sacramento we were re-united with friends we met from the 2009/10 revival, and we were blessed to also conduct home meetings last Wednesday through Friday here at the Circle K Ranch Revival Hub in Elk Grove, approximately 20 miles south of the greater Sacramento area.

After much needed rest this last week-end, we will tour San Francisco tomorrow during the day and then head down to the Coast to the scenic route of Highway One which runs along the Coast. We are planning stops in Santa Maria where I saw the greatest outpouring of God in my meetings back in October 1996 and will reconnect with the church leadership there with the new Pastors at the Foursquare Church.

The following day we will head down to the L.A. area to visit several families and perhaps do a few house meetings. We will also visit a church in the Riverside area and reconnect with the Pastor there. At the Riverside church we also saw a great revival back in 2009. 

This last week we witnessed people getting touched by the Lord in the meetings which ended with an informal gathering of a few friends last night and the Holy Spirit fell here on us this last evening!

Please pray for us to successfully reconnect with the Pastors in Santa Maria and Riverside; we believe the Lord wants us to come back to these churches for new fresh revivals of His Spirit. There is such a great need for Holy Spirit ministry here in this great State of California, please pray with us for doors of utterance to be opened unto us here.

Thank you for your love and support; please continue to help us on this mission. We need your prayers and financial support every day. God is faithful and will continue to bless your participation in this ministry as we blaze the trail for the coming revival of fire!

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