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Taiyo at the Boys and Girls Club of Western Nevada participating in IPC's Global Week of Giving Back
LED's are more than just reflectivity

Recently I made a long drive from the California coast back home to Reno, NV. Despite the amazing noise that 7 teenage boys can make in a ten-hour drive, I had time to witness the variety of LED lights that each automotive company decorates their vehicle with from slight intimidation to happiness. It made me think of how the white solder mask LED market differs so much from market to market.
For the general lighting market, the most important factor is reflectivity and brightness of the white solder mask. The market is looking for their lights to be the brightest and whitest. For the automotive market, the solder mask needs to withstand color change while providing reflectivity. The reason for the color stability is if a headlight needs to be changed out, a new headlight needs to look like the current one. Thus, color stability is the key factor for the automotive market.

When you think back on the lighting industry with respect to the light bulb, technological advances haven't been that extreme in the past 100 years. There have been some minor tremors with fluorescent bulbs, high intensity discharge (HID) and multifaceted reflectors (MR16), but the LED seems to be the game changer. The applications seem endless from color variation, flexibility and end applications to consumer items, commercial lighting and automotive applications. LEDs are popping up everywhere in all colors and best of all they are also environmentally friendly with respect to lowering the cost of operations.
Over the years Taiyo has introduced the PSR-4000 LEW series for the general lighting market for its brightness and high reflectivity. At the same time, we have introduced a variety of products for the automotive industry for color stability like PSR-4000 SW01TA and more recently PSR-4000 CR01MW with added crack resistance properties. Now Taiyo Korea has designed a dry film solder mask for the LED market, PSR-400 WD17NB, that has a reflectance (Y) of 93. Below are photographs of our new white LED dry film solder mask from Taiyo Korea and the newest offering from Taiyo America, PSR-4000 CR01MW. The new dry film product from Taiyo Korea is focused on general lighting as the Taiyo America product is focused on the automotive market.

      Taiyo Korea's PSR-400 WD17NB                               

Taiyo America's PSR-4000 CR01MW
Both products offer excellent reflectivity, but each also offers the special benefits needed for their designated market. For the dry film product, the very high reflectivity and bright white product makes it the perfect fit for the general lighting market. As for PSR-4000 CR01MW, the crack resistance and color stability make it the perfect product for the harsh environment required by the automotive industry.
So, if you have any interest in new LED products please contact Taiyo and we will share more about these exciting new products!
John T. Fix
Manager & Director, Sales and Marketing

Imaging - A Journey All Its Own
The method used to define where a photoimageable solder mask image will be on a PCB has changed quite a bit over the years.  Read more...
Bob MacRae                                                                                                                                                                                              
Eastern Regional Sales Manager                                                                                                                                                                 

Twice in 30 days!

My two European trips in 30 days came and went.    Continue reading...

EIPC Summer Conference in Leoben, Austria
Don Monn, Speaking at the EIPC Summer Conference
Donnie Monn
Midwest Regional Sales Manager

What American Standard Circuits thinks about Taiyo
Anaya Vardya is the President and CEO of American Standard Circuits, in West Chicago, Illinois. His company is one of the most versatile, if not the most versatile independent printed circuit board fabricators in the country. They handle all PCB technologies from high-tech rigid boards to flex and rigid-flex boards, to metal-backed and RF boards. They have been on a significant growth path for the past five years and are in the middle of what will be their most successful year ever. Since ASC has been a long-time user of Taiyo products, I thought it would be good and informative to have a talk with Anaya about his thoughts about Taiyo and their products.  More...

To learn more about America Standard Circuits go to:  https://www.asc-i.com/

For more information about Dan Beaulieu's DB Management Group:     https://www.dbmanagementgroup.com/

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Hall B3 Stand 380

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