Last week was an important time for reproductive advocates in Tampa Bay.
First, on Monday, the long awaited decision on June v Russo was released.
While a positive decision, the issue should never have been debated in the first place. Abortion is a constitutional right and should be accessible
regardless of a person's zip code or socio-economic status.

What does this decision mean for Tampa Bay?

Hear our full 6/29 statement on the SCOTUS decision HERE

We have already been aiding Louisiana callers in Tampa Bay
because of the barriers to access in Louisiana pre-SCOTUS decision.
We anticipate continuing to provide the same level of support.

An example of how that affects us and our callers:
Suzie faced a 90 minute taxi ride from Baton Rouge to New Orleans,
a six hour flight with a stopover from New Orleans to Tampa,
her procedure in Tampa, followed by return travel.

TBAF supported her on the ground with three different round trip drivers,
two ubers, prescription pick up, food delivery, and a care package for recovery.
She also received aid fro m NAF and NOAF , ARC and EMA .

It truly takes a village!
Also last week

Ron DeSantis signed into law 6/30 the Forced Parental Consent Law.
The intent of this law is to place additional obstacles
in the path of teens needing abortion services.

Most teens do involve their parents or grandparents in these decisions.
TBAF has dealt with many mothers and grandmothers
seeking our services on behalf of their loved ones.

For vulnerable Florida teens who cannot, for whatever reason,
involve their parents or guardians in the decision making process,
TBAF and many other organizations can offer assistance with judicial waivers.
These typically can take up to 5 days and local clinics and funds
can walk the minor through the process.

The best source of information for teens is TEENABORTIONFLORIDA

TBAF recently worked with one of our clinics to help a
14 year old Guatemalan girl whose parents were in Guatemala.
Translation services are also available and the minor
is assigned a lawyer by the court.

Throughout the month of June and into July,
Tampa Bay has been deluged with anti-choice messaging.
Two billboards were placed near one of our Clearwater clinics,
anti-choice banners were waved on the Courtney Campbell Causeway
and signs hung on a bridge in St. Petersburg.
These anti-choice activities were coordinated and paid for
by national anti-choice organizations.

What does this mean for TBAF?

Counter signs were erected in St. Pete by Progress Florida 6/26.
Pro-Choice signs were waved on the Courtney Campbell 6/30.
Three bulletin boards, equidistant between our two Clearwater clinics,
will feature Pro-Choice messaging starting this week
7/6 through the rest of the month.

It is a FACT that the majority of Floridians
want to keep abortion safe and legal.
We must ensure OUR voice is heard in the face of this
attack by a vocal minority funded by national sources.
Our billboard campaign has truly been a joint effort.
Floridians for Reproductive Freedom have allowed us to use a previously created file,
Progress Florida has edited it to represent this campaign, and
TBAF and our sponsors are funding it.

If you are able to contribute to billboard expenses,
please write billboard on the memo line of our donation page .

We will NOT be pulling funds from callers to pursue this campaign.
What else is happening with TBAF?

1) We are developing a driver escort training program.
We have grown from four volunteer driving escorts to ten and
are leveraging national training programs by organizations lik e CASN
t o ensure our volunteers and clients are both safe and cared for.

2) We are up to 130 calls to date this year; over 300 callers since 2017.

3) We have extended our clinic network from our local
8 to include an additional 8 clinics nationwide
TBAF in the News
Our volunteer Board Members have frequently been interviewed
on issues facing reproductive health advocates and our community
- from COVID to the need for grassroots organizing.

One recent article highlights the important, necessary
and distinctive work abortion funds provide.

We can't do this alone -
We need and appreciate your support!
Please reach out to us for volunteer opportunities.
Thank you for helping us #BuildPower and #FundAbortion
in Tampa Bay and beyond,

Our Team
Bev, Melissa, Kelly, Jackie, Denise, April, Michelle, Lily, Lisa, Steph, Chloe, Kayla
Safe Legal Accessible Abortion