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March 2, 2018
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Senate File 837
Please Contact Your State Senator

The MIIAB has joined a broad coalition of supporters of a legislative prohibition of cell phone use while driving. This coalition is being led by families who have lost loved ones to accidents due to distracted driving as well as the Minnesota Safety Council. The bill is receiving a great deal of attention at the capitol.

This legislation has also attracted the attention of auto insurers who have joined in these efforts. One in four crashes now involve distracted driving and we have seen an 18% increase in distracted driving fatalities in one year. These problematic statistics continue to grow.

It is already illegal to read-compose-send texts and emails in Minnesota but the prohibition of cell phone use is applied only to new drivers under 18. This proposal would prohibit cell phone use except for voice-activated or hands free devices. The law would also exempt GPS or navigation systems. If passed, the bill will impose of $50 fine for first violation and $255 for subsequent violations.

We need your help to enact this legislation. It is running into some pushback in the state senate.  


If you need assistance contacting your senator use the following website:

Thank you for your assistance. We will keep you posted on the legislation as it progresses this session.

Dominic Sposeto
MIIAB Lobbyist