Senate Finance Committee Unveils Proposals for Budget Bill (Sub. HB 64) 

The Ohio Senate Finance committee, chaired by Senator Scott Oleslager (R-Stark), unveiled its version of the main operating budget today during their first hearing on Substitute House Bill 64.

Many of the charter school provisions the House passed were left intact, although a number of them were altered. A full list of the provisions pertaining to charter schools can be found here. The main provisions that were altered include a change in the way the facilities assistance grant for $25M will be structured, a decrease in per pupil facilities funding from $200 to $150 and a decrease in E-school facilities funding from $25 to $12.50.

OAPCS is supportive of the new approach for the disbursement of the $25M grant money because it will allow more schools to access the money. We are aware that facilities funding is one of the most pressing priorities and challenges within charter schools. We will continue to advocate for more per pupil funding to at least reflect the House version of the bill and recapture those initial dollars.

Receiving valuable feedback from our OAPCS members has played a pivotal role in our advocacy efforts throughout this legislative session. We are making progress addressing proposed reforms to ensure that Ohio's charter schools remain a valued choice for the nearly 125,000 students that they serve. Please stay in touch and continue to contact me with any questions or concerns. 


Trint Hatt 
Director of Government Affairs 
Ohio Alliance for Public Charter Schools 
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