Week of February 19, 2018
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It's been an exciting week for pharmacy at the State Capitol. Important bills, relating to pharmacists, were heard in both chambers of the General Assembly.

Regulation of PBMs and pharmacist reimbursement continue to be priority issues for 2018.
Senate Bill 826

Senate Bill 826  was brought to the Senate Floor on Wednesday for discussion. SB 826 modifies provisions relating to pharmacy, including drug disposal, prescription limitations for controlled substances and vaccine protocols. The bill was Perfected on Wednesday and Third Read and Passed with an Emergency Clause. The bill and Emergency Clause passed by a 31-0 vote.


House Bill 1542

This week the Insurance Policy Committee heard House Bill 1542 . HB 1542, filed by Rep. Lynn Morris, is MPA's priority legislation for 2018. The key provisions of the bill deal with co-pay clawbacks, "gag-clauses", DIR fees and reimbursement metrics and Department of Insurance oversight/regulation of PBM's.

There was a Hearing on HB 1542 on Tuesday. Chairman Kevin Engler and members of the committee listened as MPA members testified in support of the bill. Thank you to Randy Meents, Jerry Callahan, and Tim Mitchell for taking the time to come to Jefferson City and testify on the onerous provisions in PBM contracts and the impact that these provisions have on prescription costs and access to pharmacies for patients.

ACTION NEEDED: please call your member of the Missouri House of Representatives and ask them to support HB 1542. Once you have determined their position on the bill, please send that information to henrio@morx.com .

House Bill 1618

The Drug Take Back Program bill, House Bill 1618 , was brought to the House Floor on Wednesday for debate. Following discussion, an amendment was added to the bill and then the bill was Perfected. It is currently on the House Calendar awaiting Third Reading.

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