Press Release
February 8, 2022

Contact: Brenda J. Shambaugh, Executive Director
Phone: 717-794-6103
Legislators Urged to Increase Funding for Conservation Districts
(Harrisburg, PA) – The Pennsylvania Association of Conservation Districts (PACD) is disappointed that the Governor’s proposed state budget does not include an increase for conservation districts. This additional conservation district funding is needed to continue our operations and ever-growing responsibilities. We urge legislators to include a $500,000 increase for the Conservation District Fund in both the Department of Agriculture and the Department of Environmental Protection. 

“The conservation districts play an important role in protecting the Commonwealth’s resources. By including an increase in the state budget for conservation districts, the legislators would be investing in continuing the conservation district mission of clean water and healthy soil for all Pennsylvanians,” said PACD Executive Director Brenda Shambaugh.

Conservation districts continue to review permits, provide assistance to farmers, assist municipalities in preparing to fix low volume roads and dirt and gravel roads throughout the state, and help control mosquito-borne diseases such as West Nile Virus and Zika Virus. 

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The Pennsylvania Association of Conservation Districts, Inc. (PACD) is a non-profit organization whose guiding values include: Sustainable Resource Conservation; Integrity, Local; Education and Outreach; and Partnerships. PACD primarily serves as the collective voice for Pennsylvania’s 66 county conservation districts. For more information about PACD, visit