EDITION 3:  All about LES
August 11, 2019
Dear Lovejoy Families,

8 wake ups until school begins!  I can not wait to see all of our students this week. Our teachers officially started on Friday, August 9th, and they are ready to help our students learn and grow this year. Their excitement and commitment to our students is humbling, and I know that this will the best year yet!  This is the last edition of our "Back to School" series.  We will resume with our Principal Messages every Thursday.  I look forward to seeing everyone on Tuesday for Meet the Teacher.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me. 
All My Best,
Wendy Craft
214-551-4503 (cell)
469-742-8077 (office)
LES Information 

  New Student Orientation - First through Fourth Graders
If you have a first through fourth grader new to the Lovejoy Independent School District, and will attend Lovejoy Elementary for the 2019 - 2020 school year, we invite you to attend our New Student Orientation on Tuesday, August 13th. The event begins at 3:00pm and will last until 4:30pm. Parents will convene in the Lovejoy Elementary gym to receive information about Lovejoy Elementary while students participate in various fun activities to orient them with their new school.

Meet the Teacher For The 2019 - 2020 School Year
Meet the Teacher Night is scheduled for Tuesday, August 13th. Our kindergarteners may come at 4:45 - 5:30pm. Please note that our Kindergarten Meet the Teacher is NOT a come and go event. Our teachers will meet with the parents, and we will take our Kindergarten students on a tour. Children in grades 1 - 4, may join us at 5:30 - 6:30pm. While making your way about the building, you may want to stop by the cafeteria to enter money into your child's lunch account, purchase spirit wear, join the PTA, etc. Also, be sure to sign the form in your child's class, informing us as to how your child will be getting home at the end of the day the first week of school and on a typical day. We hope to see you on the 13th! Please use the church parking lot for overflow parking, and please do not park in the fire lane.

Office Closed on Monday, August 12th from 7:30am- 1:00pm
On Monday, August 12th, Lovejoy ISD will kick off the new school year by having our annual convocation. This is an opportunity for our entire staff to learn and be set up for success for the new school year. Therefore, our office will be closed from 7:30 - noon. If you need anything on Monday, please plan to call or visit us after 1:00pm.

Class Lists - Opens Monday, August 12th at 10am

The Parent Portal opens on August 12 for viewing schedules, homerooms, and completing the yearly enrollment updates (FERPA, Waivers, and Transportation Requests). No later than Sunday, August 11 each account for the Mother, Father, and Guardian will receive a message through School Messenger using the email on file. This message will include the account username (the email address attached to the account).

  1. Go to
  2. Click on "Forgot Username or Password?" 
  3. Enter the Parent Username sent to you through School Messenger (email).
  4. Enter the same email address in the "Parent Email Address" field. 
  5. Click on Enter.
  6.  An email will be sent to this email address with the temporary password.
  7. Use this password to continue to the Parent Portal where you will be required to change the password.
When you are on the Parent Portal, you should see the students attached to your account. However, if you don't see those students you may use the Student Access ID and Access Code contained in the School Messenger email to link the student to your account. If you have multiple students in Lovejoy ISD you will receive one School Messenger email per student.

Start and End Time
Our school day is 8:00 - 3:10. We will sound a 7:50 bell notifying teachers that it is time to report to the cafeteria or gym to pick up their students. On Monday,
August 19th only, your child willgo directlyto his/her classroom.   Beginning Tuesday upon arrival, Kindergarten, First, and Second report to the gym and sit in front of their teachers' names. Third and Fourth graders are to report to the cafeteria and are to sit at their assigned table. Any students entering the building after the 7:50 bell will report directly to their classrooms. Students will be considered tardy after the 8:00 bell sounds. If a student arrives after 8:15, we request that a parent/guardian and the student report to the front desk to receive a tardy slip to be presented to their teachers.

Student Nutrition Information 2019-2020

Student Nutrition Services would like to welcome you to the 2019-2020 school year! We look forward to the opportunity to service you and we appreciate your continued support for our Nutrition Program. Student Nutrition Services is committed to providing our students with a variety of quality, nutritious meals. We have some exciting changes planned for this school year. Our commitment to
increase our fresh fruit and vegetable offerings, whole grain products, and reduced fat options continues. We offer quality products from manufacturers that you know and trust such as Tyson Foods, Jennie O' Turkey, and Land O' Lakes cheese. Our partnership with Paradise Produce for our fresh fruits and vegetables will continue this year. Paradise receives fresh product from our Texas farms each weekend and delivers to each of our kitchens every week.

Student Nutrition Accounts
When a student enrolls in LISD, they are issued a student ID number. This student ID number also serves as their Student Nutrition account number and will follow them for the duration of their LISD school years. Students should memorize their student ID number and manually enter it when they come through the serving line.

Payments for Student Nutrition accounts may be made at the cafeteria. Additionally, parents may pre-pay online using debit or credit card at Please note that there is a convenience fee of $2.49 for each transaction up to $250. A third party web provider administers the convenience fee. Student Nutrition Services does not receive funds from the fee.

Personal checks should be made payable to the student's campus cafeteria. Please include the student's full name and their ID number on the memo line.
Cash should be in a sealed envelope labeled with your child's full name, student ID number and school name.

Leopard Lunch / Reimbursable Meal
Student Nutrition Services offers a Leopard Lunch consisting of five required components: The Meat/Meat Alternate, Vegetable,
Fruit, Grain/Bread and Milk. At the elementary and intermediate schools, it is imperative to note that for a meal to qualify as a
plate lunch / reimbursable meal, the students MUST select a fruit OR a vegetable as part of their meal. We encourage the K-6th students to select all 5 components offered; however, USDA guidelines only requires the student to take 3 of 5 components offered to be considered a meal. If a student does not have the minimum components on their tray, including a fruit OR vegetable they will be charged at the a la carte price for each item.

Elementary Schools Cost
The lunch price at all elementary campuses will be $2.50 for the 2019-2020 school year. Qualifying students for reduced meal benefits, lunch is $0.40. Elementary schools feature two daily entrée selections as well as fruit and vegetable sides. In addition to the two daily entrée selections, students will be able to build their own entrée salad. They will choose a salad base then choose from a selection of fresh vegetables and proteins. The elementary and intermediate schools do not have a breakfast meal program; however, breakfast a la carte items will be available in the morning. Please see the monthly menus posted on the Student Nutrition website for details.

Morning Drop Off
Traffic the first few days of a new school year can be challenging. We ask that you park in the south parking lot if you opt to walk your child to class at any time during the school year. We respectfully ask that you not park in the grassy areas but use the church lot north of the Red Building as overflow parking. Use the north entrance, by-passing those pulled alongside the curb, and make your way to the south lot.   You may use the south exit when leaving the campus. Please, never park along the front curb in the mornings as we'll have cars pulling to the south end of the building, lining up along the sidewalk, with students exiting their cars. To drop off your child you will enter the church parking lot and form a snake.  If there is room alongside the front curb, you may pull along the curb, stop, and allow your child/children to exit the car. Once the cars along the curb have dropped off their children, the next group of cars will move towards the front of the Red Building and Lovejoy Elementary.   There will be staff along the sidewalk to assist your child and to provide directions.
Afternoon Pick Up
The afternoon routine looks quite similar to the morning. Again, if there is room along the curb in front of the Red Building and school, you may park to wait for your car riders' dismissal. Once the curb is full, please go straight to the north of the Church parking lot entrance, make a circle through church parking lot and park behind the last person in the line.   At 3:05, we will begin calling the numbers of the cars parked alongside the curb. Once you've made your way to the front of the line, a duty person will radio the gym with your number that has been printed on a yellow placard, hanging from your rear view mirror. Students in grades 1 - 4 will join the Kindergarteners in the gym at 3:05, awaiting your arrival. **We will be receiving new numbers this year. They will be distributed at Meet the Teacher. Each family will receive 1 placard with your number on it. You may request an additional placard in the front office. Parents wanting to park and walk their children to the car may meet in the library. You will form a line at the west glass door, mid-way on the south side of the building. Buses will be parked along the curb. We ask that you model good safety habits by not walking between buses.
Please go to this link to see a video of our procedures:
Bus Information
Welcome to the 2019-2020 Bus Transportation Year!  During the summer, Transportation staff worked many hours on improving and modifying bus routes to better serve our riders and parents.  Once route modifications are complete, and bus stop times/locations are ready to view, parents will be notified through School Messenger and Email Express.  On August 12th, PowerSchool will be open to parents and we ask that parents review the bus transportation section to verify their 2019-20 school bus choice is accurate. Instructions on how to access the PowerSchool transportation section is included so parents can review and/or modify bus transportation needs.

We are excited about the new year and look forward to serving you.

David Dillon, Sr. Director of Operations

Donna Holden, Routing Coordinator
Morning Drop-Offs and Afternoon Pick-Ups Locations
  • Bus Riders will be dropped off in the south parking lot each morning.       Grade level teachers will escort students to the south parking lot each afternoon, supporting children as they board buses.  Please be sure your child/children knows their bus number.
  • Day Care riders will be dropped off and picked up in the south parking lot.    In the afternoons, students will be escorted by a grade level teacher to the cafeteria where they'll wait for the arrival of their day care bus.
  • Walkers will report to their designated area each morning. Duty staff will watch for and assist students upon arrival to school property. In the afternoon, grade level teachers will walk students to our sensory room (D112) in the 1st grade hallway or to the room across from our front teacher workroom (C106). There will be assigned staff members who will walk students to the perimeter of the school property.
  • Students attending the Kids 1st After School Program will be walked to the cafeteria by a grade level teacher. Please be sure to check out the enclosed flyer for more information about Kids 1st.
  • Parents choosing to walk their child/children to their cars - Please wait outside our library in a line at the library at 3:15. Due to safety, we are holding our Library pick up until 3:15! This is a change that we have made this year. We ask that you model good safety habits by not walking through buses when approaching the sidewalk. A teacher will greet you at the door asking for your number.     Then, we will release your child to you. Please make sure that your child know their car number.
  • Car riders will be escorted to the gym each afternoon. Students in grades 1 - 4 will join their kindergarten siblings.

Tears & Cheers
 We invite all of our KIndergarten parents to join us on Monday, August 19th at 8:05 in the Gathering Spot for Tears & Cheers.  This is a fantastic event sponsored by our PTA.  It is an opportunity for parents to get to know other Kindergarten parents while enjoying a light breakfast.

News from our PTA
Our PTA is an integral part of school!  Our PTA hosts our Ice Cream Social, Family Fun Night, and all our school assemblies like Dennis Lee and our Author Visits! I highly encourage you to join our PTA today! 


JOIN PTA Today!   
You can join today by clicking here!

Would you like to Volunteer or become a W.A.T.C.H. dog or simply learn all of the ways that our PTA supports our school? Then, click here for the August PTA Newsletter.

Upcoming Dates
12 - Class lists available on Power School at 10 am
12 - Lovejoy School Board Meeting - 7:00 pm
12-16 - Teacher Academy for Teachers
13 - New Student Orientation at 3:00 - 4:00 pm (You can meet your child's teacher at 4:00)
13 - Meet the Teacher for Kindergarten - 4:45 - 5:30 (This is NOT a come and go event)
13 - Meet the Teacher Night Grades 1 - 4 - 5:30 - 6:30pm   (Come & Go Event)
19 - First day of school for students
19 - Cheers and Tears - 8:05 - Gathering Spot
29 - PTA Volunteer Training @ 9:30 am
30 - Dennis Lee Assembly, 1:45pm       
2 - Student and Staff Holiday - Labor Day
9 - PTA General Meeting @10:30 a.m.
10 - Fall Picture Day
13 - Early Release @ noon - Leopard Friday
16 - Lovejoy School Board Meeting - 7:00
23-27 - Book Fair
23 - PTA Spirit Night @ In & Out Burger
26 - PTA Ice Cream Social - 6:00 p.m. - Cafeteria
27 - Leopard Live @ 8


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