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Note From The Principal
Hey LES Families!
As we continue our journey this year it is good to see our students and staff becoming more comfortable with our newly established routines while maintaining the discipline to do what is best for all. As a TEAM we have had many conversations around what success will look like for us this year. Our first priority is health and safety for all. This is a total TEAM effort for each and every one of us to be disciplined in our daily practices. In terms of academic progress, we still have many uncertainties as we await guidance from the State about student assessment and achievement this year.

Here is what we know. We are all a bit behind from where we normally should be. We understand this but do not let this slow us down. Each grade level has developed curriculum learning maps to help set the pace for the year. Each grade level has spent time reevaluating their progress from last year and have collaborated with teachers in the other grades this year to identify areas that may have been missed or need to be reinforced.

We understand the need for balance in the academic, physical, and creative aspects of their days.  We continue to infuse STEAM into all our classes and teach LES students about the Design Cycle so they can become the future problem solvers of their generation. We exercise, play games, and move in PE class so we can get the wiggles out but more importantly develop a strong connection between body and mind. We develop an understanding and love for the arts in music class to tap into their creative side. We embrace each day as an opportunity to be AWESOME!

Take Care!!
Mr. Riley

Hard Hat Theme of the Month
This month our Hard Hat theme is EFFORT:

A vigorous or determined attempt; hard physical or mental work. Since effort is similar to working hard, we encourage you to discuss effort in relation to the energy and determination children put toward being a good teammate. When we make effort in developing teammate skills a focus, it gives every child, especially those who aren’t as naturally gifted or academically successful an opportunity to shine and be leaders. When we focus on effort of this sort, we communicate the importance of being a good teammate and we inspire every student to work toward that goal. 

5 quick things you should know:

  1. No Line Cutters Please! If you are picking up or dropping off please go to the end of the car line that is on the service road in front of the building. We will have cones out so we do not block traffic on 38. The school has received many suggestions from parents that have been patiently waiting in line only to get ditched. We ask that you please model for our students what we expect of them. Thanks!
  2. Did you know you can go to to deposit money on lunch accounts. You will need your student's pin number. You will need to register and create an account with a password. Then, you will be able to add money to your student's account, view and print a student's cafeteria transaction history, monitor a student's account balance, and make deposits to a student's account. For help, you can email them at Food Service Webpage
  3. Please ensure your Final Forms are complete and updated. Click Here.
  4. When calling your student out absent for the day please leave a reason WHY on our attendance hotline. When no reason is given we will mark them as unexcused and use COVID guidelines once they return.
  5. Fall open gym/tryout dates for boys in grades 3-6. Click here for the information packet. Families can learn more by visiting our website as well:
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Dough Day Thursdays are back!!
Other District News
One of the drawbacks to Ohio’s transition to online learning last March was the fact that testing to identify gifted and talented students was also canceled. As the district catches up on identification this year, it hasn’t stopped providing opportunities for enrichment for some of our highest achievers. Taking advantage of recent changes in gifted education standards, London has revamped its elementary gifted program in order to meet the challenges presented by COVID19 and to expand opportunities to more students in 2020-2021. 

Fourth and fifth-grade students, already identified as gifted, will again participate in in-depth, problem-based learning activities each week. However, this year, the district will focus on offering additional learning opportunities to elementary students and professional development in gifted education for all elementary staff. 

Leading the revamped program will be Mr. Joe Jude. Mr. Jude, who is new to London, previously served as an administrator at Graham Local Schools, where he helped lead Graham Elementary to receiving Ohio’s STEM designation. Mr. Jude holds an elementary teaching license with a reading endorsement and concentrations in English language arts and science. Besides leading weekly PBL lessons for gifted students, he will also help teachers facilitate similar activities for all elementary grade levels.

Consistent with district goals of expanding opportunities for all students, London continues to explore ways to integrate active, hands-on learning across the curriculum.

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