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Hockey Cares 2018
Our Attawapiskat Hockey Team arrived yesterday at 2pm and we hit the ground running. Supper (courtesy of McDonalds Oakville), visit to the Oakville Museum and pontoon boat rides on the river (courtesy of Charter Ability ). Today began with skills and drills at Sixteen Miles Sports Complex , a visit to Mohawk College (Thank you to the staff) a great welcome dinner (courtesy of St Josephs Ukrainian Church) and a shopping trip to Walmart in Oakville.

Let the Games Begin!

Join us Saturday at Sixteen Mile Sports Complex for 10am to cheer on
team Fire and team Ice! Playing together and learning from each other...

Final Game this Sunday, July 8 @ 9am!

Check out the pictures below
Other Happenings!
Thank you Robin & Marie McLeod & Lola Lawton for providing cultural sensitivity training to our Hockey Cares team on June 21st in Oakville. It was an excellent time of learning about Indigenous tradition, history and a powerful time of sharing.
T rue North Aid spent five days at the International Rotary Convention downtown Toronto July 23-27. Thank you to all our incredible volunteers who helped represent our booth. We look forward to sharing at many clubs in Canada over the next year. Thank you Rotary H.I.P for all your good work!
Thank you Cheryl Fenn and her daughter Charlotte for helping us raise awareness at AON with the Full Tummies Initiative. We are grateful to the staff for their generosity with much needed supplies and donations. We look forward to a continued partnership... More Info...
True North Aid is excited to be working with and KitsForACause to provide much needed supplies to northern communities and their families in the year to come.
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