LFHS First Semester Exam Information 2018 - 2019
*On Monday - Wednesday, extended time and make-ups for students with IEP/504 accommodations will be held in the Library Classroom and will be staffed by Special Education personnel. These provisions are only for students with IEP or 504-related accommodations. Make-up exam periods on Thursday and Friday are for all pre-approved students.
General Expectations
  • All students are required to attend class during their scheduled class period and are expected to remain in the class for the duration of the exam time.
  • Make-up exams should be dropped off to Mrs. Marsha Baldacci in the Main Office. Make-up exams will be proctored on Thursday and Friday in the Library Classroom by support staff.
  • Students are not required to attend school during study halls or times when they do not have an exam scheduled.

Extended Time Accommodations
  • Teachers have the option to monitor extended time with students, but the Library Classroom is also an identified space for students to receive their testing accommodations.
  • If a student has extended time accommodations and needs additional time following the exam period, the teacher or aide should bring the exam to the Library Classroom (Monday – Wednesday IEP/504 only, Thurs/Fri - all) where the students will have time to finish the exam.

  • The Student Cafeteria will have modified lunch offerings Monday – Thursday and will be open until 1:00pm. The Student Cafeteria will not be open on Friday, December 21st.
Quiet Study
  • Students can engage in quiet study and exam preparation in the space located at the 2nd Floor Library, the Humanities Resource Center (Publick Room), or the Library.
Student Transportation
  • There will be one morning bus route each day. At the end of each day, buses will pick up students at 1:00pm. We will provide more information about transportation at a later date.