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Each year we ask our community to support the LFHS Foundation through donations and sponsorships for the Annual Spring Luncheon and Pitch Night. Every donation and sponsorship is valued and vital to our success, making it possible for us to continue investing in educational excellence. Foundation grants support, enrich and enhance the Lake Forest High School experience for all students, faculty, and staff. Over the last 18 years, the Foundation has awarded more than 300 grants totaling over $2.5 million, impacting all areas of the school.  THANK YOU! Visit our new website to learn more.
Sound Studio Video Upgrade
3D Printers
Art Display Stands & Panels
Excitement Filled Halls @ LFHS!
The Lake Forest High School Foundation celebrated its 18th annual Grant Day on Friday, February 28, 2020. This year’s Grant Day marked our  LARGEST  grant allocation in the Foundation’s history. As has been our tradition, Foundation Trustees roamed the halls of LFHS surprising grant recipients with the exciting news that their grants had been funded. Amidst smiling teachers and cheering students, 20 new grants totaling over $270 were awarded across 10 different curricular areas. 

The Foundation is thrilled to partner with LFHS once again to provide state-of-the-art technology and cutting-edge resources that enrich the educational experience for all students. Congratulations to all of our grant recipients!
It's been a record breaking year for grant requests. We asked students, teachers and staff to THINK BIG and they did! Funding the 2020 grants, approved thus far, will deplete our current reserves. We're hoping to raise at least $80,000 this spring to enable the purchases of
  1. next level options that will further enhance the Theater Sound System Update and
  2. more Flexible Furniture so we can outfit a total of three science classrooms rather than one.
You can help us to fund these additional grants in 2020 by attending the Annual Spring Luncheon on April 17th, bidding in the online auction opening April 3rd, becoming a sponsor of the event or making a donation today.

Emotional Support & Resources
Microscopes & Flexible Furniture
Bass Fishing, Table Tennis, Weight Room Upgrade, Lifeguard Equipment & AED Trainers
TI 84 Calculators for Check Out, Math Leadership Summit & Mindset Workshop
Announcing the 2020 Grants . . .
AP Language & Culture Immersion
This grant provides the registration fee funds for the AP Language & Culture Immersion program in Seville, Spain, sponsored by the College Board. The conference will provide a deep understanding of the AP Spanish curriculum and exam that will then be passed onto the students. The teacher will cover her own transportation costs. 
Art Display Stands
& Panels 

The current art panels were provided by the Foundation many years ago but are not sufficient to meet the growing needs of the department today. This grant funds new stands and panels to display both 2D and 3D artwork.
Emotional Support & Resources 
This grant funds several items to support the Special Education Department, including a pilot with Calm Connect, bouncy band wiggle seats to assist students who have a hard time sitting in their seats, and weighted shoulder wraps to ease anxiety. In addition, walkie talkies were funded to allow faculty and staff to reach the behavior specialist and other SEL staff more quickly when a student or situation. requires additional staff support.
Flexible Science Lab Furniture
Building on the tremendous success of the grants from 2018 and 2019, the Science department will gain an additional classroom with mobile, multi-functional lab tables and chairs. The movable furniture design provides teachers the flexibility to instantly change the entire classroom configuration, from lecture to lab to small group learning. These interlocking lab tables, certified to withstand the extreme elements found in science classrooms, allow the department to move from teacher-centered to more collaborative, student-centered learning.
Math Leadership Summit &
Mindset Workshops
The Foundation funded two grants for participation in a workshop with Jo Boaler of Stanford University. Her work is widely revered in secondary math ed circles and this opportunity to engage with her and her work is exceptional. The first grant sends 6 math teachers to the Mindset Math Workshop and the second grant is for the Instructional Director to attend the Leadership Summit that is part of the workshop.
Savannah College of Art & Design Summer Educator Forum
This grant sends two art teachers to the Summer Educator Forum with SCAD’s ground-breaking professors. This week-long professional development opportunity involves 16 hours of coursework in traditional and tech-forward classes, like jewelry making, Shibori, VR, UX, Animation and Industrial Design.
Table Tennis
This grant funds four new table tennis tables, adding to the four tables that are currently available. This will allow the Wellness Department to add a Table Tennis instructional unit since there will now be enough tables for an entire class. In addition, a Table Tennis Club will be started after school.
RMA & DMT Theater Sound
System Updates
Both the Raymond Moore and David Miller Auditoriums will receive a major sound system upgrade, bringing these critical theaters into the digital soundscape. The new Dante equipment funded in the grant will provide enhanced sound amplification, more flexible capabilities, and a system that is more intuitive for students to learn and use – allowing them to work with equipment that is the new standard for educational and professional theater. Used by countless groups, the new sound equipment will enrich the quality of the many student performances that take place in these theaters each year.
Weight Room Upgrade
The Fitness Center is the primary learning area for the Strength & Conditioning class, and is also used by other wellness classes, sports teams, students and faculty. This grant provides new weight training equipment and stationary bikes to support the growing interest in the Strength & Conditioning class, particularly among female lifters, as well as all students and faculty who use the facility during the school day and after school. The Boosters is supporting this grant by providing 10% of the funding.
3D Printers
The Foundation helped create the MakerSpace in 2014, funding grants for 3D printers, CNC machines, a vinyl cutter, and other equipment. This grant funds four new 3D printers for this space. Over the last five years, the MakerSpace has experienced significant growth and is used by students from all curricular areas. These new 3D printers will replace old equipment and provide students with quicker and more detailed printing capabilities.
Apple Computers for Checkout
This grant funds 5 new MacBook Pro computers to add to the school’s supply of devices available for student check-out. Increasingly, students need access to the school’s advanced software, such as the Adobe Creative Suite, Final Cut, and AutoDesk Maya, at home to complete school projects. These loaner computers will give students the ability to check out computers to use this software that they cannot access with their Chromebooks.
Bass Fishing Equipment
The Bass Fishing Club is hoping to reach more students and get them involved in the sport. Students who do not have their own proper equipment or do not have prior knowledge of the sport are hesitant to try it out. This grant funds equipment to support the club, keep students safe, and provide the opportunity to be successful during tournaments.
Frisbee Golf
Frisbee golf will become a unit of instruction in the Wellness for Life and Team Fitness courses. This grant provides disc golf targets that will create a 9-hole course for instruction in Frisbee Golf. A Frisbee Golf Club is also planned for after school.
LFHS Reads
LFHS is implementing an optional summer reading experience for all students, designed to connect people around books. Similar programs are common at many area high schools, and this grant funds the books for all participating students to encourage participation. 
Lifeguard Equipment & AED Trainers
The Lifeguarding class has grown in popularity and currently there is not enough equipment for all students to participate. This grant funds new backboards for students to practice the necessary lifesaving skills, as well as new AED Trainers. The AED Trainers will also be used in the Freshmen CPR unit.
Professional Grade Microscopes
This grant funds 72 professional-grade microscopes for our biology and other life science classes, giving students the ability to study bacteria, protists, human tissues and chromosomes, plant anatomy and more. Similar to what is used at the college level, these microscopes will replace the current “economy grade” equipment and provide users with top-of-the-line specimen observations.

Sound Studio Video Upgrade
The Sound Studio was initially funded by the Foundation in 2016, with additional investments made in 2017. This space has significantly grown in popularity with students, who are increasingly creating multi-media presentations for their coursework. This upgrade allows the Sound Studio to evolve into a mini, full-time video production studio, adding a multi-camera system and sound-proofing to the original studio components.
TEDxLFHS Upgrade
This will be LFHS’ sixth year hosting TEDxLFFHS, a youth TED event that features LFHS students, community members, and innovative thinkers who have “ideas worth spreading.” This grant will enhance the performance quality of the event by funding state-of-the-art wireless headset microphones for the presenters, a 4K 82-inch TV for slide projection, LFC Kit by Lightform to create “live” images to animate the TEDx letters, and equipment to livestream the event on YouTube. This equipment will also be used for other school events like Graduation, Veteran’s Day, and the Talent Show.
TI 84 Calculators for Check Out
This grant funds 20 new TI 84 calculators that will be available for check-out for homework and testing. Ensuring all students access to the graphing calculators that are needed for many math classes, as well as for ACT/SAT testing.
MVP Funding 2021
Standing Grant
This annual grant makes funding available to groups in the Business Incubator program to use for the Minimum Viable Product stage in the business development process. MVP is used to help determine the viability of their business idea and gain knowledge regarding possible alterations necessary to develop their product or service. All groups do MVP Pitches in February to get feedback and request funding.
AP Language & Culture Immersion
LFHS Reads
Apple Computers for Check Out

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