Our Generous Community Makes It Possible
Each year we ask our community to support the LFHS Foundation through donations and sponsorships for the Annual Spring Luncheon and Pitch Night. Every donation and sponsorship is valued and vital to our success, making it possible for us to continue investing in educational excellence. Foundation grants support, enrich and enhance the Lake Forest High School experience for all students, faculty, and staff. Over the last 19 years, the Foundation has awarded more than 300 grants totaling over $2.5 million, impacting all areas of the school. THANK YOU! Visit our new website to learn more.
Exciting News at LFHS!
The Lake Forest High School Foundation celebrated its 19th annual Grant Day on Friday, March 12, 2021. While Foundation trustees were not able to roam the halls of LFHS to celebrate with grant recipients in person, Ashleigh Malec and Corey Holmer delivered the good news to this year’s winners on our behalf armed with video messages & confetti guns to add some fun. We are excited about the diverse and creative experiences that these grants will provide to students. This year, 6 new grants and 6 renewed grants totaling over $97,000 were awarded to teachers across 7 different curricular areas. The Foundation is thrilled to continue partnering with LFHS to give students access to state-of-the-art technology and cutting-edge resources. Congratulations to all of our grant recipients!
Wheelchair Lift
Yoga Mats, Body Bars & Kayaks
Flexible Science Lab Furniture
Announcing the New 2021 Grants...
Flexible Science Lab Furniture

Building on the tremendous success of the grants from our three most recent cycles, the science department will gain an additional classroom with mobile, multi-functional lab tables and chairs. The movable furniture design provides teachers the flexibility to instantly change the entire class-room configuration, from lecture to lab to small group learning. These interlocking lab tables, certified to withstand the extreme elements found in science classrooms, allow the department to move from teacher-centered to more collaborative, student-centered learning. All seven eligible science classrooms in the building are now equipped with these tables.

LingMuto is a safe platform that guides and provides language exchanges among students in different countries with the goal of enhancing the learning by providing authentic experiences connected to the content students are currently learning in the classroom. Lake Forest students will be paired with native speakers from a Spanish-speaking country and engage in language exchanges virtually. Through these conversations, students are able to advance in their proficiency, use the content they have learned in class in authentic situations, and they are given an opportunity to interact with peers from the target language culture. 
MacBooks for Digital Arts

This grant funds 24 MacBook laptops for the fine and applied arts department. These devices will be equipped with Adobe Creative Suite and will support the department’s goal of encouraging creativity, problem solving, and fostering a high degree of digital literacy within the student population at Lake Forest High School. The MacBooks will also be available for Animation classes, Art Foundations, Crafts & Design, Drawing & Painting, and Ceramics to encourage the use of technology and new practices. 

Body Bars and Yoga Mats

This grant will provide the wellness department with a custom body bar set, instructional DVDs, and yoga mats. Body bars are perfect for strength and conditioning, circuit training, barre and Pilates lessons and sports conditioning. The DVDs can be used by instructors to encourage proper technique. All wellness courses will benefit from this equipment as well as the dance and cheer teams.
Wheelchair Lift

In partnership with D115 and Lake Forest-Lake Bluff Learning Disabilities Association, the LFHS Foundation will fund an iClass Inboard wheelchair lift to support the work of the Lake Forest Transition Program. Stationed at West Campus, this program is for 18 to 22-year-old students with disabilities that benefit from support to prepare for life after high school. The program is de-signed to promote independence in transitioning to adult living activities, introduce students to vocational experiences while increasing independent living skills, and to provide families and students with resources that support the transition into the community and/or adult services. This lift will allow students in the transition program increased access to community-based instruction and vocational experiences and Lake Forest staff will be able to further meet the individualized post-secondary goals of our students by having the ability to adapt each student's daily needs and schedules. 

New Kayaking Equipment

This grant will fund 6 new kayaks and accompanying gear for use in the Outdoor Adventure course offered by the wellness department. These new boats will provide a much-needed update to existing equipment, will allow students more time to paddle during class periods, and create opportunities to expand kayaking within the department. Students who participate in kayaking at the high school gain a feeling of connectedness to the water and are more likely to kayak as adults. 

The following grants were approved last year, but were placed on hold for the 2020-2021 school year. We are thrilled to be able to support these projects in this grant cycle!

TI 84 Calculators for Check Out

This grant funds 20 new TI 84 calculators that will be available for check-out for homework and testing. The grant ensures all students access to the graphing calculators that are needed for many math classes, as well as for ACT/SAT testing.
AP Language & Culture Immersion

This grant provides the registration funds for the AP Language & Culture Immersion program in Seville, Spain, sponsored by the College Board. The conference will provide a deep understanding of the AP Spanish curriculum and exam that will then be passed on to the students. The teacher will cover her own transportation costs.
LFHS Reads

LFHS is implementing an optional summer reading experience for all students, designed to connect people around books. Similar programs are common at many area high schools, and this grant funds the books that all participating students will get to keep to encourage participation. The LFHS staff is very excited to offer and participate in this in-person program with students over the summer. 
MVP Funding 2021 
Standing Grant

This annual grant makes funding available to groups in the Business Incubator program to use for the Minimum Viable Product stage in the business development process. MVP is used to help determine the viability of each business idea and gain knowledge regarding possible alterations necessary to bring these products and services to market. Each team creates an MVP Pitch in February to get feedback and request funding.
Savannah College of Art & Design Summer Educator Forum

This grant sends two art teachers to the Summer Educator Forum with SCAD’s ground-breaking professors. This week-long professional development opportunity involves 16 hours of course-work in traditional and tech-forward classes, like jewelry making, Shibori, VR, UX, Animation and Industrial Design.
Math Leadership Summit & Mindset Workshops

The Foundation funded two grants for participation in a workshop with Jo Boaler of Stanford University. Her work is widely revered in secondary math educator circles and this opportunity to engage with her and her work is exceptional. The first grant sends 6 math teachers to the Mindset Math Workshop and the second grant is for the Instructional Director to attend the Leadership Summit that is part of the workshop.

Support Future Grants!

You can help us to fund additional grants in 2022 and beyond by participating in our Annual Spring Luncheon on April 23rd at Knollwood Country Club. This year's HYBRID event is not to be missed! Be sure to get your raffle tickets today & bid in the online auction opening April 16th!
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