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January 15, 2021
“It’s the final countdown”

We are looking forward to welcoming students back to campus on Tuesday, January 19th for in-person learning and the shift to our e-Hybrid learning model. Please take a moment to read and consider the following information, in preparation for Tuesday. 

Student Learning Preference Selection 

Thank you to the school community for taking the time to communicate student learning preferences. At this point, all requests are indicated in PowerSchool and the window to request in-person learning has closed. 

Families desiring a change to learning preferences will have an opportunity to submit an updated learning preference form between February 8-16. This additional selection window will provide an opportunity for students to engage in a different learning preference beginning on Monday, February 22nd. Families who do not wish to make a change, will not need to complete the form again in February. 

Required Student Gateway Testing

At the D115 Board of Education meeting in January, a decision was made to require all students returning for in-person learning on January 19th to participate in “gateway” testing. While students are required to participate in this form of testing to re-enter the learning environment, follow-up weekly testing is no longer required for students. 

Again, gateway (re-entry) student testing is required. Thereafter, D115 will provide weekly testing for students, but participation is optional. Weekly testing is not a prerequisite for in-person learning. Additional information regarding optional testing will be provided soon.

Extracurricular Activities

As our governing body, the Illinois School Board of Education (ISBE) provides us with guidance regarding extracurricular activities at the high school. Within the context of the Governor’s Restore Illinois plan, ISBE/IHSA-governed sports, clubs, and activities are all categorized by risk levels (low, moderate, and high risk).

D115 is requiring weekly COVID-19 testing for all students participating in moderate- and high-risk- level extracurricular activities.

As we begin to reintroduce and offer various extracurricular opportunities throughout the semester, we will communicate the risk level of the opportunity and provide additional information regarding testing requirements.

Driver Education - Behind the Wheel (BTW)

LFHS students enrolled in the Behind the Wheel (BTW) portion of Driver Education, will be required to participate in weekly testing. This is required due to the close proximity of individuals inside of our vehicles. We would like to continue to offer this portion of our Driver Education curriculum as a service for families. With required weekly testing as a risk mitigation strategy, we believe this will assist us in making this a safer experience for all involved. 

To us, BTW falls within the parameters of a “moderate-risk” experience, hence the required testing. Again, we are only requiring testing during the weeks students are participating in the Behind the Wheel portion of the course. 

Participation in External Athletic Teams, Clubs, and Activities

As of now, IDPH only allows non-contact training. Students participating on external teams, in external clubs, and activities that do not follow IDPH guidance or are listed as high risk (i.e. hockey, wrestling, basketball, etc) are not permitted to participate in in-person learning during the season/duration of participating in these activities. Students may only submit a request to engage in in-person learning at LFHS AFTER the season is over. The school will not permit students to shift between in-person and remote learning due to travel associated with participation in high risk activities. As long as students are practicing, playing, and/or participating in high risk activities, they will need to remain engaged in remote learning. 

This exclusion was communicated by the Superintendent in the Adaptive Pause Message on December 16, 2020. 

COVID-19 Appeal Process

Families requesting a testing EXCEPTION or EXEMPTION, due to concerns regarding our testing requirement should read and consider our COVID-19 Appeal Process

Requesting an Exception: Families with a concern regarding participating in the free onsite testing provided by the District and who wish to have their student tested at a family doctor should request a COVID-19 testing EXCEPTION.

Requesting an Exemption: Families with a request to be exempt from participating in all forms of testing required for in-person learning and student engagement at LFHS should request a COVID-19 testing EXEMPTION. 

All health related exemption requests (including mental health) need to be verified by a medical professional in written form. Letters should be provided as verification and need to specifically name the impact of COVID-19 testing. As indicated in the process, all verification documents should be submitted to the Principal’s Office. 

Families who want to submit a COVID-19 testing appeal should submit the following form: LFHS COVID-19 Testing Appeal Form

Daily Health Screener 

Prior to arriving on campus, students should complete the health screener under parent supervision. Students are asked to complete the screener prior to arriving on campus to allow the form time to be processed through our system and to ensure that students receive the verification email by the time they arrive on campus. Submitting the form before coming to campus will better ensure that students do not have to wait outside of the doors for the screener to be appropriately processed and verified. Please assist us by completing the screener prior to arriving on campus.

Students who have not completed the required gateway testing or who do not have an approved testing exception or exemption, will not be able to clear our screener to enter the building. 

Freshman 2024:
Sophomores 2023:
Juniors 2022:
Seniors 2021:

Health Screener and Bus Transportation
Students riding the bus must complete the symptom screening survey prior to boarding the bus. Students should be prepared to show the screener results to the driver for access and also to LFHS staff, prior to entering the building. 

Bus Routes and Information

Bus routes are located on the LFHS website - Transportation page. For questions and additional assistance, please contact Mel Walsh (mwalsh@lfschools.net). 

Junior and Senior Parking 

There are still spots available in the junior/senior parking lot. Student parking days for in-person instruction will be recorded by the District and students will be invoiced at $8.25 a day at the end of the second semester for the total number of days the student was assigned to attend in-person learning, not the number of days used. By completing the registration link on RevTrak, students are entering the lottery to be selected for one parking spot for two days of parking (either M/T or Th/F). To enter the lottery, please register for parking here. If you have any questions, please email Ashleigh Malec at amalec@lfschools.net

Reopening Attendance and Engagement Reminders

Please take a moment to review our attendance and engagement reminders from our Deans, Mr. Lesniak and Mrs. Tomek. 

Academic Supports 
As we make our way through the beginning of second semester, many of the same challenges related to teaching and learning still will exist over the next few months. An important component of academic success for your student is taking advantage of the ability to connect with educators in our building beyond normal class time. 
Students are encouraged to utilize Personalized Learning Time (PLT) on Wednesdays from 2:35 p.m. - 3:25 p.m. Additionally, our Department Resource Centers are open throughout each school day and staffed by educators who can help students with content and skill-related questions. Please go to our District homepage to access the schedule and accompanying google meet links or click here
Executive Functioning tutoring session can be scheduled twice per week for students in need of support with organization, time prioritization, managing coursework expectations, work completion, advocacy, and other skills to support a successful navigation of school. Peer tutoring is available at all academic levels. Students who require extra support may participate in the daily Check-in/Check-out, and Check and Connect programs, develop a collaborative academic recovery plan, or receive wrap-around support. Please visit the Student Services webpage for more information or to access supportive services.
Students are strongly encouraged to take advantage of these opportunities. Students and parents may request support at any time by completing the student support request form on the Student Services webpage.
If a student needs to make-up or take a class assessment, they can work with their teachers to make-up the assessment in our Test Make-Up Center
Course Material Pick-up/Drop-off Location and Hours 

We will continue to provide opportunities for students to physically pick-up or drop-off items on campus. Recognizing that some students will continue with remote learning for the duration of the semester, this will occur every week. 

  • Location: Raymond Moore Auditorium (RMA) Entrance 
  • Days/Times: Tuesday and Fridays - 7:45am - 8:45am and 3:00pm - 4:15pm

Prior to Arriving on Campus for Material Pick-up and Drop-off
  • Please complete the Health Screener, prior to arriving on campus. It will allow for a quicker (and warmer) process. No one will be permitted to enter the building without completing the screener. Thank you, in advance, for your cooperation. 
  • If you are returning items, please make sure they are appropriately arranged and clearly labeled with your name, the name of your teacher, and class. 
  • If necessary, please communicate with your teacher(s) before arriving on campus to ensure that items are prepared and ready to be retrieved. 

CORE Teams 

All LFHS students are assigned a CORE Team. CORE Teams provide direct support and advocacy to students. If you have questions about various aspects of your student-life at LFHS or need support in any way, do not hesitate to reach out to one of your CORE Team members for assistance. Here is the link to review the staff members on your specific team. 

Confidential Reporting Tool

Student well-being and safety is a top priority at LFHS. The Confidential Reporting Tool (CRT) is an internal notification system that informs school officials about safety, security, and well-being concerns and/or threats. Students can access the CRT on their Chromebooks or the LFHS Homepage. Confidential Reporting Tool

LFHS Food Services

Here is information regarding our Food Services Program and ways that you can ensure that your student has access to our food program. We are excited to offer fresh food and beverage options to our students in the Student Cafeteria and The Grind.

  • Tuesday, January 19th - e-Hybrid Begins - Special Week - MLK Day (BW/Color)
  • All LFHS students and staff will shift to the second semester e-Hybrid schedule on Tuesday, January 19th. Students learning in-person and remotely will all follow the same schedule.
  • All grade levels return to LFHS, as alphabetically assigned, in the e-Hybrid model.

For full weeks following the return to in-person learning on January 19th,
the e-Hybrid Schedule will be followed (BW/Color)
Specific Week/Date
Special Weekly Schedule
Last Day for Seniors

The last day for Seniors (Class of 2021) will be on Wednesday, May 26th. Information regarding senior finals will be shared at a later date. 

Reopening and Staying Open 

It is our desire to remain open for the remainder of the school year, while providing a safe and welcoming learning and engagement experience for our students. We will continue to partner with the school community to make this happen. Thank you for your understanding and support. 

Looking forward! Go Scouts!