April 22, 2021
Second Semester Exam Schedule and Information
2020 - 2021
*On Tuesday - Thursday, extended time and make-ups for students with IEP/504 accommodations will be held in the Testing Center. These provisions are only for students with IEP or 504-related accommodations. Make-up exam periods on Friday are for all pre-approved students.
Second Semester Exams
After a year of engaging in learning, we believe that it is important to provide students with an opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of our course-specific learning targets and expectations. During the second semester, all students will participate in exams for their classes. Semester exams cannot be worth more than 20% of a student’s grade. 
Additionally, all exams will be administered and/or completed virtually during the time frame indicated in the exam schedule (see above). Since no students will have more than two course exams on a given day, there is no need for requests for altered times. Students are expected to engage during the time outlined in the schedule. If there is any extenuating circumstance that prohibits a student from participating in exams as scheduled, please contact the Director of Teaching and Learning, Dr. Alan Wahlert (awahlert@lfschools.net). 

Exams will be a virtual experience for the following reasons:

  • To accommodate LFHS learners across learning preferences in a fair manner 

  • To allow for various alternative assessments forms (i.e., reflections, project presentations, culminating class experiences)

  • To accommodate an abbreviated exam day/schedule 

  • To limit concerns regarding Covid-19 exposure before, during, and/or after exam periods 

Extended Time Accommodations
If a student has extended time accommodations and needs additional time following the exam period, the teacher will notify the Special Education Department or 504 Coordinator to determine a follow-up time for the student to complete the exam. This should take place during the following time frame:

  • Tuesday – Thursday IEP/504 only time slots

  • Make-up assessment times on Friday

When possible, teachers also have the option to monitor extended time with students. 

Additional Accommodations and Support 
Teachers may use their discretion to invite students for additional support during the week. Some students may need assistance with completing course requirements and expectations. Other students may benefit from being onsite during the time of an exam. Teachers can work with students/families to schedule support. 

The Week Before Final Exam Week 
  • No grade-bearing tests or high-stake assessments may be administered during the week of May 24th, unless there is an overlap between the administration of senior exams for non-senior students who are in the same class with seniors. Teachers are not expected to administer a different exam for students who are in classes with seniors. 

Finishing the Semester Strong
Students are encouraged to collaborate with teachers regarding additional opportunities to demonstrate learning throughout the semester. Students and parents are encouraged to monitor academic progress and teachers are expected to communicate concerns regarding learning and growth with parents. 

While we want all students to maintain learning and to stay current with assignments and coursework, in the case that this has not fully occurred, students are encouraged to discuss options for improvement directly with their teachers. Students may also reach out to their guidance counselors for support.

Teachers have always been encouraged to provide multiple opportunities for students to demonstrate learning. Opportunities may include:

  • Quiz/test retakes and/or corrections

  • Ability to submit late or missing assignments (removal of zeros)

  • Completion of alternative assessments

  • Extended deadlines on assignments 

These opportunities are not guaranteed, but are encouraged. 

As we near the end of the second semester, students are encouraged to take advantage of the various supports offered at LFHS immediately.