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Incision Precision

LFLA Students Learning Through Dissection Labs

Science students in the 8th grade took a full day field trip to Saint Louis University's Adventure in Medical Science (AIMS) program in early December. About forty students were selected based on academic achievement, each given a personalized acceptance letter when they were chosen for the program. At the state-of-the-art lab facility on the campus of Saint Louis University, students participated in two dissections, a sheep brain and a pig heart. 

Mr. Ray Vollmer and Ms. Laura Jenkins, SLU instructors of the AIMS program, taught the functions of these organs and showed students a human brain and a human heart while comparing them to the animal counterparts being dissected. Mr. Vollmer and Ms. Jenkins also spoke about the importance of organ donation and how to keep our organs healthy by monitoring our diet and exercise. 

Poetry & Pups

Lift For Life Academy’s 4th-grade students can’t blame their dog for eating their classwork. But they can credit dogs for inspiring their poetry. As part of LFLA’s new literacy curriculum, called Wit & Wisdom, 4th graders recently read a book called “Love That Dog,” about a boy who grows to love poetry with help from his teacher and inspiration from his beloved dog, Sky, who was adopted from an animal shelter. In order to make a real-life connection for students, Ms. Danielle Price, the classroom teacher and LFLA’s Curriculum Coordinator, partnered with Karli Bullock from CARE, the Center for Animal Rescue & Enrichment of St. Louis. 

Karli sent pictures and brief descriptions of dogs currently available for adoption. Ms. Price’s students each “adopted” their own dog for the assignment and wrote poems in honor of each pet. CARE is proudly displaying these poems in their welcome area to promote the adoption of these furry friends.

Behind The Scenes

Preparing for LFLA's Annual Fashion Show

In the Lift For Life Academy’s Fashion Design Program, the start of the new semester always means one thing: the annual Fashion Show. 

The 14th annual event is taking place on April 7th at The Ritz-Carlton, St. Louis, headlined by a student-led fashion show and student showcase. Fashion students have already started to work diligently on their final “looks” for the runway.  After they sketched out their plans and worked out what materials they will need for their designs, Mrs. Nicole Alston and her students ventured to Joann’s earlier this month. Cassie G., 12th grade, said she was looking to make her design formal-chic. “I really wanted to find some accent materials like pearls and gold material for an edgy look," said Cassie when she got back to the classroom. “I think my design is going to come together perfectly.”

Want to see Cassie’s final look and witness the profound difference LFLA is making in the lives of our students? Mark your calendars for our event on April 7th, and check out the link below to sponsor the event or purchase tickets!

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