LFT Regional Airport 2021 Annual Report
This is part of a series that reviews the year 2020 at Lafayette Regional Airport.
New LFT Terminal Project Update
New LFT Terminal project construction continued at a rapid pace despite the impact of COVID-19. Lafayette-based Lemoine Company and Houston-based Manhattan Joint Venture, selected by the Lafayette Airport Commission to lead the construction, placed COVID-19 safety protocols in place where workers and visitors to the site were checked daily upon arriving. Despite the challenges, several significant milestones were achieved in 2020.
New LFT Terminal Project Update
In March, the new Terminal Drive that passes in front of the New LFT Terminal opened and visitors had a new way to exit the airport with a closeup view of the new building. LFT Executive Director Steven Picou was the first to drive down the new road. In June, the terminal was fully enclosed, the glass for the building was put in place, and the power was turned on. Work on the inside of the terminal began.
Media Tour
By August, the local media got its first look inside the new building when a tour was conducted. During the tour, Lafayette Airport Commission Vice Chair Paul A. Guilbeau officially turned on the air conditioning system (HVAC) for the 120,000 square foot terminal.
2020 LFT Airport Funding
Funding for the New LFT Terminal construction project and other airport improvements included $34 million from a temporary 1¢ sales tax, limited to eight (8) months approved by Lafayette parish voters, and state and federal grants totaling $38,781,503.80. All needed construction funding had been secured by the fall of 2020.
Total Funding
By the end of 2020, the New LFT Terminal project was on budget and remained on schedule to open in the fourth quarter of 2021.
2020 Funding
Taxiway Foxtrolt Phase II Enabling Project
The Taxiway Foxtrot project will straighten the taxiway to Taxiway Lima which will be moved farther south on the airfield. As part of the project, improvements will also be made to Taxiway Juliet. The airport has 10 taxiways in all. Once completed, these taxiway improvements will provide a more direct path for aircraft to the New LFT Terminal.
Other Airport Construction
The New LFT Terminal was not the only construction project in 2020. Construction on the Quick Turnaround Lot was completed in May.
Quick Turnaround Lot Service Area
It gave the car rental companies the opportunity to consolidate into one area where rental cars could be fueled, cleaned and serviced before being brought back to the terminal for customers.
Second TSA Screening Line
The airport had planned to open the second TSA line by early 2020 to handle passenger screening more quickly, especially for morning flights. Due to delays caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the second line opened in July 2020. Passengers now have two TSA lines in service at peak passenger hours.
Disadvantaged Business Enterprise
The Lafayette Airport Commission (LAC) Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) and the Airport Concessionaire Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (ACDBE) programs are managed in accordance with the requirements of 49 CFR Part 26 and Part 23, Regulations of the U.S. Department of Transportation. The DBE Liaison Officer, Rene’ Cotton, is responsible for providing management and over sight of the federal DBE and ACDBE program requirements.
In the federal fiscal year 2020, the LAC exceeded its overall DBE goal of 7.71%, with anticipated DBE participation of 8.07% on federally funded contract awards. For federal fiscal year 2019, the LAC exceeded the overall ACDBE Car Rental goal of 2.65%, with 4.28% attainment in procurement of good and services. The LAC is currently processing ACDBE information for ACDBE Non-Car Rental in preparation for the annual report, due March 1, 2021.
In 2020, the race- and gender-neutral LAC Small Business Enterprise (SBE) program monitored twelve (12) projects associated with the construction of the New LFT Terminal, of which seven remain open as of the end of this year. 

The DBE Office utilizes an online diversity management system, B2GNow, to aid in ensuring compliance with various reporting requirements and assist with tracking payment information, including prompt payment requirements for professional services and construction-related projects at the airport.
In partnership with the LAC Board Chairperson, the DBE Office continues to engage and assist the DBE Advisory Committee members on the development of the airport’s DBE Program, New LFT Terminal Project, small business contracting opportunities and outreach to small and disadvantaged businesses in the region.
Take a virtual tour of what the New LFT Terminal interior will look like after completion.
2020 Partners
2020 LFT Airport Commission
Lafayette Regional Airport Commissioners represent all areas of Lafayette Parish. The city-parish council, mayor-president and area mayors appoint the commission. The seven-member volunteer commission performs strategic and marketing-related oversight. Commissioners work with airport staff to oversee management, operations and business development with potential vendors. Additionally, commissioners act as ambassadors for the airport through their interaction with community and government leaders.
LFT Airport Staff
The airport staff provides and ensures a safe, secure and customer friendly environment for all of the aviation needs of Acadiana, while promoting the continuous growth and development of Lafayette Regional Airport.
Steven L. Picou, A.A.E., A.C.E., Executive Director

Todd Broussard, Assistant Maintenance Supervisor

Jennifer Comeaux, Assistant Property & Accounting Administrator

Rene Cotton, Property Administrator & Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Liaison Officer (DBELO)

Justin Cumbo, C.M., Operations Specialist

Mary Green, Financial Comptroller

Cindy McDaniel, Receptionist
Giles Menard, C.M., A.C.E., Operations Manager

Aline Nelson, Accounting Clerk

John M. Raedle, A.C.E., Airport Security Coordinator

Ashley Simon, P.E., Environmental Compliance Officer

Nicholas Sinanan, Operations Specialist

Catina Theriot, Secretary/Records

Mark Thibodeaux, Facilities Manager

Ebinesh Vaddi A.C.E., Operations Specialist
LFT Airport Annual Report
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