LFT Regional Airport 2021 Annual Report
This is part of a series that reviews the year 2020 at Lafayette Regional Airport.
A Visual Look at New LFT Terminal Construction 2020
Work on the New LFT Terminal project proceeded at a quick pace in 2020 and is on schedule and on budget to open in the fall of 2021.
This shows the ticketing area of the first floor lobby for American, Delta and United airlines.
This is the part of the second floor of the terminal where the restaurant and kitchen will be built, giving visitors a great view of the airfield.
A view of the front lobby of the New LFT Terminal from the second floor.
Visitors to the New LFT Terminal will enter the lobby on the first floor from one of two entrances from Terminal Drive.
Work on the project is not just being done on the building. Work is also being done to expand the aprons where planes will park next to brand new jet bridges.
This is a view of the new Administrative offices and adjacent Lafayette Airport Commission meeting room.
This picture shows a unique feature of the terminal. The rotunda facing the airfield will feature a restaurant and bar at its center. Special glass in the rotunda area will tint automatically depending on the angle of the sun, giving visitors a clear view of planes arriving and departing.
A view of the outside of the new rotunda.
This Terminal Drive view of the New LFT Terminal shows the expanded parking and covered walkways.
The new canopy that will greet visitors features colored glass panes where sunlight will shine onto the drop off point.
The glass panes have the red, blue and gold colors of the Acadiana flag.
To get an idea of the scale of the size, the New LFT Terminal is on the right, and the existing terminal is on the left. The New LFT Terminal is literally twice the size of the existing terminal.
2020 LFT Airport Commission
Lafayette Regional Airport Commissioners represent all areas of Lafayette Parish. The city-parish council, mayor-president and area mayors appoint the commission. The seven-member volunteer commission performs strategic and marketing-related oversight. Commissioners work with airport staff to oversee management, operations and business development with potential vendors. Additionally, commissioners act as ambassadors for the airport through their interaction with community and government leaders.
LFT Airport Staff
The airport staff provides and ensures a safe, secure and customer friendly environment for all of the aviation needs of Acadiana, while promoting the continuous growth and development of Lafayette Regional Airport.
Steven L. Picou, A.A.E., A.C.E., Executive Director

Todd Broussard, Assistant Maintenance Supervisor

Jennifer Comeaux, Assistant Property & Accounting Administrator

Rene Cotton, Property Administrator & Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Liaison Officer (DBELO)

Justin Cumbo, C.M., Operations Specialist

Mary Green, Financial Comptroller

Cindy McDaniel, Receptionist
Giles Menard, C.M., A.C.E., Operations Manager

Aline Nelson, Accounting Clerk

John M. Raedle, A.C.E., Airport Security Coordinator

Ashley Simon, P.E., Environmental Compliance Officer

Nicholas Sinanan, Operations Specialist

Catina Theriot, Secretary/Records

Mark Thibodeaux, Facilities Manager

Ebinesh Vaddi A.C.E., Operations Specialist
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