Missions Update
January 7, 2021
We want to thank you for your amazing support last year of our Light for The Lost project .  The money given by our churches allowed us to contribute $98,000 toward the Hungarian translation and printing of Bibles to be given to the Pastors there.  We hope you will join us when we hand out those first copies and will let you know a date as soon as Jeff Dove; the Director of the Fire Bible projects informs us.
We have two new projects for 2021, that were referred to us from Dr. Gary Seevers at Global University.  They fit into the vision of Light for the Lost in that we will be enabling and training pastors to reach into their communities in very sensitive areas of the world.  Some of these areas are so sensitive that leaders have been persecuted and sometimes killed for the ministry they are doing. These projects are impacting hundreds and thousands of people for eternity, and our US dollars go very far in training so many people.

We will continue to help missionaries as they present their needs and these are the extra projects we'll be working on in 2021…

India College of Ministry is a Bible School for training house church pastors. This project is ideal for any size congregations as the reward is so great for any size contribution.  The participate rate is $100 to train one pastor to plant one house-church.
  • Some churches and individuals in churches participate by committing to equip one person to plant one church.
  • Some churches commit anywhere between equipping 10 to 50 people to plant 10 to 50 house-churches ($1,000 to $5,000).
  • A few churches become very excited at the idea of planting 100, 250, or even as many as 1,000 house churches ($10,000, $25,000, or $100,000).
  • Very conservatively, each house-church planted leads to at least 10 people getting saved by making a decision for Jesus. Indian leadership have said the number is closer to 25, but I prefer to say “conservatively 10.” So, a $1,000 commitment to plant 10 house-churches results in at least 100 people getting saved.
 The Upper Room Project in the Arab World is a very sensitive ministry that cannot be mentioned on the internet or by live-streaming at all.  Pastors there are persecuted if they are caught, so it is imperative that their identities are not exposed.  The photo below indicates the lengths these new believer will go to in order to hear the Word and meet with other believers.
o  Churches meet in homes, like our life groups and the church is exploding in spite of all the persecution.  
o   Dr. Seevers from Global University has provided this overview with some talking points.
I think you will agree that both projects fit right into the ministry of Light for the Lost – to disciple new believers. Many lives are changed for eternity thru dollars from our churches given directly to these ministries. Both of these projects are wonderful opportunities for any size congregation. If your church has never been involved in Light for the Lost, this is a great year to start.  Any dollar amount will reach hundreds of people with the Gospel.  We would love to see all our churches get involved in some capacity and watch how God will bless you for those efforts.

Pastor Dan Remus
Gayland Hendrickson
Missions Director