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THURSDAY FEBRUARY 11 "Combatting Domestic Terrorism and Armed Para-Militaries" with Mary McCord, Legal Director at the Institute for Constitutional Advocacy and Protection (ICAP).
The events of this past January 6 at the Capitol brought the issue of how to combat domestic terrorism to the forefront once again. It erupted over three years ago when white supremacist groups descended on Charlottesville, VA and usurped the role of law enforcement, intimidating counter-protesters.
Mary McCord, former Acting Assistant Attorney General for National Security at the U.S. Department of Justice and former Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General for the National Security Division will discuss how unlawful armed para-military organizations are continuing to threaten constitutional rights and what can be done about them. At ICAP, McCord leads a team that brings constitutional impact litigation at all levels of the federal and state courts across a wide variety of areas including First Amendment rights, immigration, criminal justice reform, and combating the rise of private paramilitaries. Previously, McCord was an Assistant U.S. Attorney for nearly 20 years at the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia.
This event is brought to you by the Council of Former Federal Executives & Associates (COFFE).
WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 24 A Lab of One’s Own: One Woman’s Personal Journey Through Sexism in Science” with Dr. Rita Colwell, one of the top scientists in America and the groundbreaking microbiologist who discovered how cholera survives between epidemics. She is the former head of the National Science Foundation. A Lab of One's Own is a riveting memoir-manifest, documenting all Colwell has seen and heard over her six decades in science, from sexual harassment in the lab to obscure systems blocking women from leading professional organizations or publishing their work. Along the way, she encounters other women pushing back against the status quo, including a group at MIT who revolt when they discover their labs are a fraction of the size of their male colleagues. Resistance gave female scientists special gifts: forced to change specialties so many times, they came to see things in a more interdisciplinary way, which turned out to be key to making new discoveries in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Dr. Colwell would also witness the advances that could be made when men and women worked together--often under her direction, such as when she headed a team that helped to uncover the source of the anthrax used in the 2001 letter attacks. A Lab of One's Own shares the sheer joy a scientist feels when moving toward a breakthrough and the thrill of uncovering a whole new generation of female pioneers. But it is also the science book for the #MeToo era, offering an astute diagnosis of how to fix the problem of sexism in science--and a celebration of the women who fought back.
This event is brought to you by the Council of Former Federal Executives & Associates (COFFE). 
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THURSDAY MARCH 11 “The Prescription Drug Pricing Problem” with Bill Corr, former Deputy Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services. Bill holds a B.A. in Economics from the University of Virginia and a J.D. from Vanderbilt University School of Law. Bill has spent the bulk of his impressive career advocating for better healthcare access at almost every level of society. US drug prices are the highest in the world.” Bill Corr, along with former Rep. Henry Waxman, has co-authored a major study of the problem of skyrocketing prescription drug prices and what can be done about it, which he will discuss.
This event is brought to you by the Council of Former Federal Executives & Associates (COFFE).

WEDNESDAY MARCH 24 "Who Shall Live and Whom Should We Let Die: COVID-19’s Ethical Landscape" with Dr. Mildred Solomon, President of the Hastings Center on Bioethics, an independent research institute in Garrison, NY that explores ethical issues in health, health care and the life sciences. Historically, pandemics raise a set of excruciatingly difficult ethical and moral questions. How should we allocate scarce resources like lifesaving ventilators, protective equipment or vaccines? What should we do about the fact that in the COVID-19 pandemic, African Americans are dying at three times the rate of white American? To help us discuss these issues, Dr. Mildred Solomon, will describe COVID-19’s ethical landscape. She will raise for discussion the major ethical issues we must resolve to bring the pandemic under control and will help us think about how we might rebuild our society.
This event is brought to you by the Council of Former Federal Executives & Associates (COFFE). This is a Special Village-Feature Event.

FRIDAY MARCH 26 Developing a Native Garden” with Linda Rieger, Master Gardener."  Do you have a very small garden, or do you have an acre? This presentation will show you how you can develop a native garden no matter how big your space. Do you have a deer problem? The presentation will identify some plants and tips to help keep those hungry critters at bay. Do you want a pretty garden no matter what the season? This presentation will identify plants that will bloom in winter and others that will bloom throughout the year.  Linda Rieger has been a Master Gardener since 2016 and has worked mostly in the Conservation area at the Demonstration Garden of the University of Maryland. She also provided STEM activities to the teachers and children who come to the C & O Canal on fieldtrips. Linda’s volunteer activities including being a Master Gardener of the Extension Services of the University of Maryland shows her commitment to native plants. She is on the action committee of the Sierra Club MD Conservation Council, is on the board of the Montgomery County garden Clubs and participates in The Wild Ones of the Chesapeake.  Linda Rieger has a master’s degree from Purdue University and worked on her Ph.D. in Educational Psychology at Stanford University. After being an Adjunct Professor at American University, Linda changed her career and worked in Sales and Marketing for 25 years, much of that in graphics and presentations. No matter what her vocation, Linda Rieger has always enjoyed gardening. Linda's passion now is how native plants affect our ecosystem, including humans. She holds a Post Graduate License with the Commonwealth of Virginia to teach with an endorsement in science.   

MONDAY MARCH 29 The Outlook for the Next Congress” with Congressman Jamie Raskin Congressman Jamie Raskin represents Maryland’s 8th Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives. Prior to his time in Congress, Raskin was a three-term Senator in Maryland, where he also served as the Senate Majority Whip. He was also a professor of constitutional law at American University’s Washington College of Law for more than 25 years. He authored several books, including the Washington Post best-seller Overruling Democracy: The Supreme Court versus the American People and the highly acclaimed We the Students: Supreme Court Cases For and About America’s Students. Congressman Raskin is a graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Law School.
This event is brought to you by the Council of Former Federal Executives & Associates (COFFE).

THURSDAY APRIL 8 Supreme Court” with Roman Martinez, partner in the D.C. law firm Latham & Watkins, and a member of the firm's Supreme Court & Appellate Practice. Roman will discuss Supreme Court cases current and future, and where the newest justices might be influencing the Court's rulings. Roman has argued nine cases in the Supreme Court, including cases in the fields of the First Amendment to the Constitution, criminal law, civil rights, employment and civil procedure. Before joining Latham, Roman Martinez served as a law clerk to Chief Justice John G. Roberts.
This event is brought to you by the Council of Former Federal Executives & Associates (COFFE).

WEDNESDAY APRIL 28Hillwood: A Garden for All Seasons” with Kate Markert, Executive Director of Hillwood Estate, Museum & Gardens and author of A Garden for All Seasons: Marjorie Merriweather Post’s Hillwood, the first publication devoted to these special gardens in the heart of Washington. Markett has been director of the Wadsworth Atheneum in Hartford, associate director of the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore and deputy director and acting director of the Cleveland Museum of Art.

THURSDAY MAY 13 "The Golden Age of Music, Part II" with Michael Lavine, Music Director, Performance Coach, Archivist and producer of The Lost Broadway And More CD Series. Michael is back with more songs that you know and love as he continues his tour of Tin Pan Alley, from its humble beginnings in the Lower East Side and moving on to Broadway and Movie Musicals. Michael Lavine will be joined by Broadway and cabaret performers, as he presents many of the world’s most beloved songs of the 1920’s and 1930’s.
WEDNESDAY MAY 26 "Biden's Foreign Policy in the Middle East and North Africa: Recipes for Success or Failure?" with Jean AbiNader, Principal and Founder, AbiNadar Advisory Services. Jean AbiNader has decades of experience in public affairs/advocacy, international marketing, education and training, and project management in and for the Arab world and more recently Africa.
Mr. AbiNader will review initial steps taken by the Biden Foreign Policy team to reshape US policy towards the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region including countering Iran and terrorism, bolstering allies, promoting human rights, and re-establishing humanitarian and economic assistance programs. He will also review Congressional responses and initiatives and how they impact the President's agenda. Jean AbiNader will identify how these policies serve US interests and contribute to regional stability, security, and development, and the challenges and opportunities in the upcoming year.
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