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November 2023 | Law Firm Vendors Association

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President's Message

LFVA Speaker Lunch at the St. Regis Hotel

LFVA Board Member Spotlight

Baker Botts Rooftop Happy Hour

In my first message as LFVA President, I want to thank the Board for extending me the privilege to serve this esteemed organization. It has been an honor to work with this group for nearly five years and witness the impact we have had in our community and the philanthropies we support.

This is the first year in many that we have been able to host three events. Our Spring Happy Hour on the stunning roof deck of Baker Botts L.L.P. was intimate and inviting. As a group we were able to enjoy the warmth of the spring sun and soak in the gorgeous sunset over engaging conversation and laughter. We would like to thank our generous host, Nancy Leap and her colleagues at Baker Botts for allowing us to delight in the beauty of the landscaped roof and celebrate their new space.

Most recently, in October, we hosted a special luncheon at The St. Regis and invited Keynote speaker Stephanie Decker to share her journey on overcoming incredible odds as a tornado survivor. Stephanie is the founder of the Stephanie Decker Foundation, whose mission is to provide children with prosthetics the support, encouragement, and resources they need to actively participate in sports, overcome adversity, and thrive. Stephanie is an incredible role model, and we were honored to support her foundation. Meghan Dunn has written more about the event and Stephanie’s mission below.


I would like to thank Lori DiCesare for selecting our Keynote Speaker and this year’s philanthropy. Her passion for helping others enriches our impact and the findings she shares with the group highlights the importance of supporting these great causes. Lori always brings forth incredible opportunities to support philanthropies.


I would also like to thank Annie Malhotra and Brian Alvarez for their efforts organizing both events. Their service to the committee makes for exceptional events and experiences. Photography for both events, as always, can be found on LFVA’s website.


Next week we are hosting our annual holiday party at the Old Ebbitt Atrium. This is an exciting opportunity to kick off the holiday season and celebrate the success of the year. In addition to our normal holiday cheer, this year the LFVA is celebrating our 20th Anniversary and the addition of our newest Board Member C2C, Inc. and its lead Principal Mark Pirone. The LFVA is excited to enjoy this festive venue with you, our clients. We thank you for your support, business opportunities, and friendship. Coming together as a community is guiding principal of our organization and we appreciate your Firm’s support. 

LFVA Fall Speaker Event Recap

Stephanie Decker is a name that resonates with strength, resilience, and determination. Her story is one that has touched the hearts of millions around the world. A mother, a survivor, and an advocate, Stephanie’s journey is nothing short of extraordinary. And on the afternoon of September 28th, the LFVA was fortunate to hear her speak at the St. Regis Hotel.

In March of 2012, tragedy struck when a devastating tornado tore through Henryville, Indiana. In an act of sheer bravery, she used her own body as a shield, protecting her two children from falling debris. However, this selfless act came at a great cost. 

Stephanie lost both of her legs in the tornado, but her spirit remained unbroken. Her unwavering determination to overcome adversity became an inspiration to all who heard her story. Her resilience and positive attitude in the face of such a life-altering event are truly remarkable. 

In the years since losing her legs and being told that she would never walk again, not only has she learned to walk, but run and even surf. Stephanie met with (then) President Obama imploring him to make cutting edge prosthetics available to the general public and first responders rather than just the military. About 8 months later Stephanie received her own set of these prosthetics directly from President Obama and soon after they were available to all people. Stephanie has turned her passion for children and sports into a mission to help children with prosthetics so they may enjoy sports and the same athletic opportunities as others.  She is hands-on with many charities and has worked with the State of Kentucky legislation to make better laws for people with disabilities to access better technology.  She became an advocate for disaster preparedness and founded the Stephanie Decker Foundation, which aims to support and empower individuals with disabilities. 

Seeing Stephanie speak is an experience that leaves a lasting impact on anyone fortunate enough to witness it. Her words are filled with hope, courage, and a deep appreciation for life. She shares her story with raw honesty, allowing her audience to connect with her on a profound level. 

Stephanie’s words and actions remind us that we are capable of overcoming any challenge and that our greatest strength lies within ourselves. Instead of succumbing to despair, she chose to rise above her circumstances and use her experience to make a difference. 

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LFVA Member Spotlight

C2C - Mark Pirone

We are pleased to announce our newest board member C2C. Mark Pirone is a respected leader in the construction and design industry. He is known for his dedication to clients and exceptional project delivery.

C2C, Inc., provides development, project, construction, and relocation management services to clients who are growing or changing their facilities. Whether it's a single project or multiple projects across the United States, C2C is a single source to manage all of your project requirements.


Baker Botts Rooftop Happy Hour

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