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RWF is the world's first and only all-volunteer, LGBTQ- based humanitarian aid organization. Our mission is to promote peace, unity and hope by leading the LGBT movement in participating in humanitarian relief efforts. RWF has donated over $4.1 million of life saving aid.

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Dear RWF Friends,

    I hope you can join us tonight for an evening with Ugandan human rights activist Richard Lusimbo. This is a great opportunity to learn about the challenges that many in our global LGBTQ family face and how we can help.  

Meet Richard Lusimbo, a chief witness in the case against anti-gay American pastor Scott Lively. Lusimbo will speak about the terror the minister and his colleagues have unleashed against LGBTQ Ugandans and discuss the case being heard in Federal Court charging Lively with committing crimes against humanity.

Ugandan human rights activist Richard Lusimbo.  

Richard Lusimbo, gained international attention when he was outed in 2013 and 2014 by a Ugandan tabloid for being gay. His picture appeared on the cover of the tabloid "Red Pepper," with the headline "Top Gays Speak Out: How I Became Homosexual." After receiving repeated death threats he had to leave his home and later leave the country to stay briefly in the United States. He has since returned to Uganda
and like other LGBTQ leaders there he lives under constant threat of violence in his home country.

Join us for an evening of conversation with Richard Lusimbo on November 17 from 7:30pm to 9pm at San Francisco's GLBT History Museum at 4127 - 18th Street. 
Facebook RSVP and event details are here.  

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Lusimbo protesting outside of a police station in Kampala.

RWF provides financial aid to support members of the Ugandan LGBTQ community who faced abuse and harassment following that country's passing into law and subsequent nullification of the Anti-Homosexuality Act in 2014. RWF aid is used to provide transitional safe housing, transportation to safety, medical assistance, as well as modest start-up funds for basic necessities for people to being new lives. Donate here to provide life sustaining aid to our brothers and sisters in Uganda.


Your continued generosity allows us to help many of people in need around the world furthering our mission of promoting peace, unity and hope by leading the LGBT movement in participating in local and humanitarian relief efforts.

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Jeff Cotter
Founder and President