January 2021
Message from the President

Ringing in a new year has hardly ever felt better! I want to thank every member of our wonderful club for bringing joy and pleasant distraction to the unyielding pandemic year. Your participation in the activities of the club has kept us all connected and engaged throughout the long months.

With an emphatic good riddance to 2020, I wish everyone a happy 2021 filled with health, happiness, and LGC.

Virtual Meeting
Stonegate Farm, with Matthew Benson
January 21, 2021
10:00 AM

In the spirit of new beginnings, our first program of the upcoming year is sure to excite and inspire us all. We will gather virtually to watch the Garden Club of America program “Stonegate Farm, with Matthew Benson”. With a keen eye for color, form, and function, Mr. Benson correlates farming like a gardener, blending beauty with function and balancing creativity with problem-solving. This program promises to lift mid-winter doldrums and launch thoughts of new garden plans. Afterward we will have the opportunity to mingle and share our inspirations for the new year ahead.

So gather up your stash of Spring garden catalogues, pour your favorite ‘cuppa’, and join us for a midwinter delight.
Stonegate Farm winter (image in header) and Stonegate Farm summer (image above).
Please join the meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone
or dial in using your phone
Per usual, a Zoom link will be sent prior to the meeting
Committee Reports & Announcements
Burrowing owls live together in burrows in open grasslands and farmlands. As their habitat decreases due to human encroachment, they have adjusted to living on golf courses, airports, industrial parks and vacant lots. It is their ability to adapt that keeps their numbers growing and eventually they will no longer be considered rare and endangered. 

Like the burrowing owls, we too are demonstrating our ability to adjust and adapt. An immediate part of Conservation has become making sure my family members and friends are safe and taking protective measures during this period. This period will end one day and we will pick up the threads of our Conservation projects and continue developing new programs to sustain and heal our Earth. 

In the meantime, stay safe and well. 

The Membership Committee is back at it and in full swing. We are actively accepting new membership portfolios. The guidelines are clearly laid out in the Policy Handbook and By Laws, so please review prior to submission. All membership letters must be in my hands by JANUARY 15th. Please remember, the more information on your individuals the better! We really want full descriptions.

If you have questions, my email/text message door is always open!

Please mail hard copy portfolios to me at:

Julia Metcalf
P.O. Box 1090
Litchfield, CT 06759
Alert: Zone II is the 2021 host for the GCA Annual Meeting. Click HERE for the schedule or see below. All but the third class are still open, so please get your photos registered. If you need help, I will try or we have resources — Jill Corr our Zone II Chair is available and willing.

From the Communications Desk
There are images from our December Holiday Tea, visit the Hospitality page to view. The membership Directory has been updated with email changes. Please note: Joan Burgess, joangyorburgess@gmail and Cathy Oneglia, coneglia@gmail.com.

Blog Posts: How and what to post? Take a look at what has been posted already, and that may spark a thought. Entries are up to approx 200 words. Send your image(s), article and article title to Joan Burgess for posting.
News and Upcoming Events
If you missed our Holiday party and the GCA presentation on Revolutionary Gardeners: Gardening Wisdom from George Washington and Thomas Jefferson" will take us on a spectacular escape through two extraordinary and historically important gardens in the United States - click the button below to view the presentation. This 41 minute episode is a journey to be enjoyed in one sitting, or as you please. It is marked into ten delightful chapters, none to be missed. Chapters can be navigated by clicking the chapter markers in the play bar. You must be logged into the GCA website.
Upcoming events from GCA
Next year, conferences that could only be offered to a few GCA club members in the past will be available to every club member at no cost. For these conferences, we are assembling a powerhouse of speakers who will share with you their lifelong accumulation of knowledge and wisdom. But, we don’t plan to just tell you or teach you; we plan to involve you in dynamic experiences that will offer you the opportunity to apply what you have heard. 

Mark your calendars now, and save these dates: 
  • November 17-18, 2020 ~ Conservation Study Conference
  • January 21, 2021 ~ Photography Conference ~ NEW!
  • February 23-24, 2021 ~ National Affairs & Legislation Conference
  • April 8, 2021 ~ Floral Design Conference ~ NEW!
  • May 11-12, 2021 ~ GCA Annual Meeting

Further information on these events will follow.