December 2021
Prepare Your Home for Winter Weather
We faced history-making winter weather in February, an experience we would all rather not repeat. Nevertheless, it’s important to prepare our homes as winter rolls around once again. Ensure your family’s safety and reduce the risk of property damage due to freezing temperatures by following these two checklists.

Before freezing temperatures:

  • Disconnect and drain garden hoses. Cover outdoor faucets.
  • Insulate external pipes, outlets and your attic.
  • Add caulk and weather stripping to your windows and doors.
  • Have your heating system professionally cleaned and inspected.
  • Turn your irrigation controller off to keep sprinklers from running.

During freezing temperatures:

  • Turn your thermostat down a few degrees to conserve energy.
  • Keep your garage door closed if your car isn’t running.
  • Let your faucets drip. Open cabinets with pipes to let heat in.
  • Close your fireplace damper if not in use to prevent heat loss.
  • Know how to shut your water off if a pipe bursts. Not sure how to turn your water off? Watch a video on how to.

Download a digital copy of the checklist. Empower your family with the tools and knowledge to prevent property losses.
Reduce Waste with These Holiday Recycling Tips
The holidays are a time for joy, giving and taking out the trash. Here are some ways to repurpose and recycle items you no longer need:

  • Electronics: Did you get new electronics this holiday season and want to dispose of old ones? Anything with a plug or batteries can be recycled at our Saturday Community Recycling Events. More information:

  • Clothing: Make room in your closet for your new clothes. If they can’t be donated, take them to our third Saturday Community Recycling Event. More information:

  • Christmas Trees: While artificial Christmas trees can be stowed away for another year, your real ones can’t. Drop off your live tree at any of these four locations from Sunday, Dec. 26, through Monday, Jan. 3: Jack Carter Park, Old Shepard Place Park, Russell Creek Park and Schell Park. Each park has a designated drop-off area. More information:

  • Cardboard Boxes: Cardboard boxes are easily recyclable, as long as you break them down and remove all of the contents. Place small boxes inside your recycling cart and large boxes outside your cart alongside your yard trimmings. More information:
Master Your Compost Pile
Healthy gardens start with healthy soil and a generous helping of nutrient-rich compost. We’re looking for volunteers who love the soil and love to serve. Are you ready to master the compost pile? We want you as a State of Texas Master Composter!

Discover how to mix and manage your yard trimmings into garden gold while sharing the knowledge with your family, friends and neighbors. Starting with the basics of backyard composting, spend 20 hours (three evenings and one Saturday) learning cost-effective and environmentally-responsible yard care practices to help your landscape become a sustainability superstar.

Training takes place Jan. 27-29 and Feb. 23, 2022. Visit to enroll today.
Pick Up Earth-friendly
Gift Ideas for Everyone
Still looking for the perfect holiday gift for your special someone? Look no further! All the inspiration you need is in our recorded Green Gift Guide webinar.

Rather than more stuff, give experiences. Give gifts that help them to learn something new and to connect with the community - gifts that are easy on the planet.

Practice Food Safety When Baking
Spending time with family while preparing delicious baked foods in the kitchen is a great way to celebrate the holidays. Follow these five safety tips to help you stay healthy when handling raw dough:

  1. Wash your hands often and use clean towels.
  2. Keep your countertops clean.
  3. Don’t leave eggs out for more than two hours.
  4. Don’t eat raw cookie dough.
  5. Keep flour in a food-safe container.
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