July 2021
Feeding the Need During Challenging Times
Despite how challenging last year was, the Plano Community Gardeners upheld and fulfilled the garden’s primary mission: to provide healthy food for our community’s hungry. In 2020, the gardeners donated a record 6,284 pounds of organic produce to local food pantries and dedicated an impressive 5,291 collective volunteer hours to the care and maintenance of the garden.

The Plano Community Garden (PCG) was established in 2007 through a partnership between the Junior League of Collin County, Live Green in Plano and volunteer Plano Community Gardeners. Today the garden's 50 raised beds are all maintained by the Plano Community Gardeners and provide over 5,000 pounds of fresh organic produce annually to local food pantries serving Plano families.

The PCG is one of many volunteer opportunities offered through the Live Green in Plano (LGIP) Volunteer program. Volunteers can participate in monthly garden workdays or adopt a plot. When COVID-19 caused the LGIP Volunteer program to pause last March, the gardeners received special permission to continue safely maintaining their plots to ensure that fresh organic produce was delivered to local food pantries in desperate need.

We are grateful and beyond proud of the Plano Community Gardeners’ accomplishments. They remain dedicated to fulfilling the garden’s mission and continue to donate the needed produce to local food pantries. The garden is thriving again this year and volunteers are hopeful of exceeding last year’s donation.

Thank you, Plano Community Gardeners, for serving your community during challenging times and fulfilling a crucial need when food pantries needed you the most.

Interested in volunteering at the PCG? Learn how to get involved.
Protect Our Water Sources
Storm drains have an important job: to keep our roads from flooding. While they are meant to carry only rain, other liquids and items often get washed, blown or dumped in. Storm drains are not trash cans. Anything that enters a storm drain goes to the nearest waterway, harming wildlife and ultimately polluting drinking water sources.

Follow these tips to help keep storm drains free from pollutants:

  • Pick up litter.
  • Pick up and trash pet waste.
  • Fertilize sparingly. Avoid fertilizing before heavy rain.
  • Bag or mulch yard trimmings.
  • Maintain vehicles to prevent chemical leaks.
  • Use the carwash, not the driveway.

Help us spread the word – only rain down the storm drain! Volunteer to label storm drains in Plano. Share this important topic with your little ones with this video.
Beat the Heat at These Summer Spots
Check out these City spots to stay cool while you are outside this summer:

  • Picnic area at Bob Woodruff Park – If you head north from the parking lot at Bob Woodruff, you will quickly find an amazing, tree-filled picnic area. There are many picnic tables to choose from, each located under the cool canopy of the surrounding trees.

  • Splash pad at Windhaven Meadows Park – This 1,800-square-foot water feature has three different areas to keep your kids cool and entertained.

  • Oak Point Park & Nature Preserve Explore a variety of trails perfect for summer hiking. Head to the trailheads at the amphitheater parking lot to enjoy some great views of the creek.
Take Action to Improve the Air We Breathe
The North Texas region celebrates Clean Air Action Day (CAAD) on Wednesday, Aug. 4. Join us in taking action to improve air quality and protect our community from harmful air pollution levels.

Visit airnorthtexas.org to sign up for air pollution alerts and learn ways you can help improve air quality. 
Vote for the Cutest
Plano Pup
Vote for the cutest pup in our “Doo” the Right Thing Photo Contest through Monday, July 5. Visit our Facebook album and “Like” your favorite photo(s). The photo(s) with the most “Likes” wins!

All this cuteness is for an important cause: pet waste abatement. Pick up pet waste to protect public spaces and water resources.
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