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Your Weekly LGMS Reminders
Monday, March 19
7th Girls Basketball @ East Troy
8th Girls Basketball v. East Troy

Week of March 26-30
School Resumes Monday, April 2nd

LGMS APPAREL ON SALE NOW! The deadline to order is Friday, March 23rd.
Click this link to the website for online ordering: LGMS Apparel

Dance: Our last performance is on Monday, March 19th. We will be performing at approximately 4:05 PM. You will not be able to ride the 4:15 bus. Please come cheer us on!

NJHS: All current 8th grade NJHS members must have their 10-hour service hour requirement met and service hour sheets completed and turned in by 3:00 p.m. on Wednesday, April 4. 

Music Students: 7th grade music students will be going to the Lyric Opera on Wednesday, March 21. Students need to report to their music classroom for attendance right at the start of the school day and should have a ride arranged for when we return from the trip (approximately 8:30 pm). Students need to bring $10-15 for lunch and dress nicely (please no jeans, sneakers, t-shirts). Chaperones need to arrive by 7 am for a meeting. Please meet in the orchestra room. Students are responsible for making up all class work that they miss.

Music Students: 6, 7, and 8th grade music students that elected to go on the Newsies field trip need to be at school tomorrow, Saturday March 17 by 8:45 am. We board the bus and depart by 9 am in order to make it to the Fireside on time. Students need to dress nicely (please no jeans, sneakers, t-shirts). They may bring money for the gift shop. Otherwise, no money is needed. Students need to have a ride arranged for our return, approximately 4:45/5 pm.
(to view more pictures, click this link: Dance Party pictures
Wednesday morning the Lake Geneva Middle School Counseling Department had the distinct honor of celebrating 83 outstanding students at our Above & Beyond Ceremony. This prestigious award is designed to showcase our outstanding students that go above and beyond our everyday expectations. Students that overcome challenges, exceed typical performance, display perseverance, consistently stay positive, and support others are some examples of the caliber of our nominees. Congratulations to all the amazing students we have here at Lake Geneva Middle School.

Bottom Row 1: Hope Suhajda, Ava Weber, Amelia Furlo, Skylar Challe, Haleigh Smith, Grace Rasch, Edward Gritzner, Kiera Bays; Row 2: Kylie Lozano, Delilah Cardiff, Zoe Sheeks, McKenna Bunton, Kaelin Comfort, Miles Barber, Crete Slattery, Rowdy Chupich; Row 3: Araceli Romero-Molina, Rachel Boyle, Kayla Johnson, Nicole Dyer, Hunter O’Brien, Adelyn LaPointe, Ella Coltman, Malachi Roberts; Row 4: Noah Haven, Angel Morales, Aidan Francois, Kendal Nowak, Adelynn Vennum, Lilyian Bates, Christine Liang, Annie Mehleis; Row 5: Mary Gottinger, Lillian Haydem, Hailey Mraz, Kate McKinney, Kaylyn Fleck, Autumn Fry, Sydney Krause, Emma Czyznik, Ila Keyzer
Row 6: Jordan Snead, Andrea Mendez, Sara Dickfoss, Anneth Hernandez, Terra Bremner, Lauren Helsing, Scarlett Bliss-Schulten, Jamisen Smith; Row 7: Carson Biller, Lauren Milligan, Joshua Schooley, Matthew Zinkowich, Riley, Nicholson, Kenneth Doane, Benjamin Olson, Soraya Lewins
Row 8: Caleb Monge, Kalen Kramp, Demetrius Farmakis, Dayton Schultz, Kaaden Dull, Isaac Solverson, Ivy Marinello
Row 9: Marcella Kutschma, Ava Cottle, Lucy Pether, Bethany Schuldt, Wyatt Figard, Lilly Schuldt, Ava Ocker, Ethan Masoni, Ashlea Calkins; Row 10: Jackden Knepper, Jeremiah Clevenger
The Wolf Gazette is a publication that is designed and published by our LGMS students. Click here to access the most recent February Wolf Gazette
Registration deadline is March 23rd. To print a registration form, click this link: Volleyball Registration Form
We will once again be collecting Box Tops for Education.

Here is a link of participating products: Box Top Products

Please collect and send in your box tops with your student or drop them at the main office!
Primetime is our building-wide after school student academic support program. Primetime is an opportunity for students to get extra assistance from their teachers. Students at all grade levels are assigned to stay for Primetime when they are missing 3 or more assignments or currently have an F in any class. Primetime is assigned Monday morning in homeroom when teachers go over grades with students. Students who meet the requirements are required to stay on Tuesday and Thursday until 4:15.  Our goal at LGMS is to get all students the support they need to be successful.
The PTO is looking for parents to join and be a part of Student Experiences - Education Enrichment - Teacher/Staff Appreciation - Parent/Community - and much, much more!

For more information, please feel free to contact:
President Tara Trent - 262-729-7443 taratrent@yahoo.com
Treasurer Tracy Smith - 262-215-5661 smithgraphics@yahoo.com
Secretary Lisa Ghent - 262-215-8538 lghent00@gmail.com
BREAKFAST: Breakfast is served starting at 7:00 a.m. The cafeteria area is only open to students purchasing breakfast.

STUDENT PICK UP: If you need to pick up your student during the day, we ask that you please send a note with your student in the morning with a time that you will be picking them up. That way we can write them a pass to hand to their teacher when it's time to leave. This avoids having to disrupt classes by calling in looking for a student.

BUS PASSES: If your student will be riding the bus home with a friend, please send a letter in the morning indicating who he/she will be going home with. We will then issue a bus pass.

LATE START: Late starts are the second Thursday of each month. On those days, school begins at 9:30 a.m. We ask that students not be dropped off earlier than 9:20 a.m. Buses run 2 hours later than normal pick up time.

LATE BUSES: Late buses run as follows:
Monday - Thursday: 3:35 p.m., 4:20 p.m. and 5:30 p.m.
Friday: 3:35 p.m. and 5:30 p.m.

LATEX BALLOONS; We have students with latex allergies so please, no latex balloons.

WATER BOTTLES: Students are allowed to have water bottles during the school day - WATER ONLY. Please, no other liquids.
Parents and Students: While we understand that accidents happen, it is important that students do their best to properly care for their chromebook. Should something happen to the chromebook, students should complete a Chromebook Repair Request form and take it, along with their chromebook, to the LMC. Click on this link to view the form and repair costs: Chromebook Repair Info
(Breakfast is served starting at 7:00 a.m. The cafeteria area is only open to students purchasing breakfast.)

Geneva Lakes Community Bike Swap: Have bikes, biking gear, clothing or shoes collecting dust? Consider donating to the swap! Click here for more information: Community Bike Swap

Yoga for Kids: Free introductory yoga session for children ages 4-7! Click here for more information: Yoga for Kids

4K Registration : It's time to starting thinking about registering your student for 4K! Registration begins January 3, 2018. Please 4K Registration Information

Parental Control Software & Cell Phone Monitoring: Click:  https://goo.gl/6YxS36  for more information about free and low-cost solutions available for filtering and managing all of the devices in your house. They range from basic solutions to those with many bells and whistles such as setting time limitations for your children or blocking or approving any app on your child’s phone. 
This guide is being provided by  smartsocial.com.  You may also be interested in signing up to receive their free parent app guides at:  https://smartsocial.com/newsletter/ delivered straight to your inbox,
every week, over the next few months.

Internet Program: The Wisconsin Public Services Commission has developed a simple and powerful tool, the  Internet Discount Finder , to show people which internet providers offer discounted service where they live. Anyone can simply type in their address and get a list of discount providers in their area. We encourage you to make this information available to all of the families in your school district. They will qualify for a discount even if they are currently receiving undiscounted service.

Destination Imagination : What is Destination Imagination??? DI is a community-based, school-friendly educational organization in which young people apply creative and critical thinking skills to long-term interdisciplinary Challenges. DI is less a program than a process of learning to appreciate and apply creativity. DI participants develop lifelong problem solving, teamwork, and leadership skills.

DI meets every Monday and Thursday at 6:00 p.m. in the building across from LGMS. For more information, click on this link: DI Info

Title 1 District Wide Information: Title I is a federal program that is used to work with students who would need extra assistance in reading skills. Recently, every school in the Lake Geneva School district became a School-wide Title school . Schoolwide programs allow the schools greater flexibility on how they utilize specialists in each building. Students that are identified as needing extra services in reading will still receive reading services however specialists may also be used in additional ways such as coaching, co-teaching to assist all of our students, and enhance our reading program as a whole.

For additional information, please click on this link: Title I Information
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