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Your Weekly LGMS Reminders
Tuesday, May 15
Choir Concert 6:00 p.m.

Wednesday, May 16
7th Grade Track Conference @
Waterford 4:15 pm

Thursday, May 17
PTO Meeting @ 6:00 p.m.
JAZZ CHOIR : Jazz Choir will rehearse on Tuesday, May 15th after school until 4:10pm. Students in Jazz Choir may either go home at that time or stay with Mrs. May until the choir concert.
CHOIR : Choir concert is Tuesday, May 15th in the LGMS Cafeteria. All choir students should be in the choir room, in their choir uniforms, by 5:00pm to warm up and rehearse combined numbers. Concert starts at 6:00M
VARIETY SHOW: The final Variety show dress rehearsal will be on Thursday, May 17th afterschool until 4:10pm  The variety show will take place the afternoon of Friday, May 18th.
TRACK : The 7th grade conference track meet is scheduled to start at 4:15 at Waterford High School on Wednesday, May 16th. 
With warmer weather finally on its way, we wanted to remind students and parents of the LGMS dress code which can be found in the Student Handbook. Thank you.

Dress Code
Students are expected to dress in a manner suitable for attendance at LGMS.
1.    Suitable attire does not reveal undergarments, stomachs, or other private body parts. Extreme dress, “tank tops” spaghetti straps, torn/dirty clothing, too tight jeans, extremely sagging, bagging clothes, pajama/lounge wear or clothes with lettering and/or designs considered in poor taste will not be allowed. Shorts need to have at least a 5 inch inseam. Skirts and dresses should be at least mid-thigh length.
2.    Clothing items that advertise/promote or suggest through word or design, alcohol, sex, tobacco, drugs or negative attitude will not be allowed.
3.    No chains (other than jewelry)
4.    No hats or logos that indicate an affiliation with a group which may provoke others to act violently or be intimidated.
5.    Students are to leave all hats/headgear, coats, jackets, windbreakers, winter vests, sunglasses, purses and backpacks in their lockers throughout the school day.
6.    Appropriate footwear is required at all times. Footwear must have a sole.
7.    Anything that can even remotely symbolize, be associated with or attributed to any membership and/or affiliation with any gangs/associations/organizations harmful to the educational process will not be tolerated.
8.    Anything (including hairstyles) that presents a danger to any student’s health/ safety or a distraction to education will not be tolerated.
9.    Anything that administration deems inappropriate or offensive will be asked to be removed, replaced, or corrected. Compliance to the dress code is required to attend LGMS.
The Georgia Rae Family Band wowed students and their families at the orchestra concert this past Tuesday. Over 40 students were incredibly brave and came up to the microphone to play a solo! The students enjoyed working with Georgia Rae during the school day on learning to solo and learning more about traditional fiddle playing. Congratulations to all of the 4-8th grade orchestra students on an outstanding final concert of the year!

Click this link to listen to the concert: Orchestra Concert
Congratulations to the 8th grade track team who competed in the conference meet at Delavan Thursday. A number of athletes had personal best times in their events. A special congratulations goes out to conference champs Kaaden Dull (100 meter dash) and Vivian Ford (800 meter) for their first place finishes! Also finishing strong were Trinity Knaack (3rd, 100 meter dash), Nolan Cassidy (3rd, mile) and Chandler Loveridge-Flores (3rd 100 meter dash). The coaches want to thank all 8th grade athletes for a really great season!

Click on this link to view more photos of the track season: Track pictures
Mark your Calendars!
Area Jazz Fest - Wednesday, May 23rd - 6:30 PM - Features Gr. 7-12 Area Jazz Bands
This is an exciting night and will feature our guest artist:
Dean Sorenson  The 7/8 Jazz Band will also have a special clinic with him during jazz band that morning.  

Uniform: Red Band shirts , Khaki pants, black shoes/black socks 

Memorial Day Parade  – Mon., May 28 th  – 8:30 am - 11:30 am 

Bands 6, 7, and 8 each march seperately in the LG Memorial Day parade
The parade is at 10 am, with an assembly following at Flat Iron Park.  We will be done around 11:30 am. 
Plan accordingly. This is a required parade and students are expected to be at this event. 
Uniform: Red Band shirts , Khaki pants, black shoes/black socks  

Summer Band - Save the Date - Aug. 6 - Aug. 23 More info to follow

8th grade Only:

8 th  Grade Promotion – Fri., June 1st – 5:30 pm – 8 th  grade band only
Uniform - Promotion gown
Attend upcoming meeting to learn more!
Click on this link to enjoy their most recent concert: Band May 1 Concert
Click on this link to learn more about the amazing opportunities available for students this summer through the Lake Geneva Summer Enrichment Program! Summer Enrichment Information
Primetime is our building-wide after school student academic support program. Primetime is an opportunity for students to get extra assistance from their teachers. Students at all grade levels are assigned to stay for Primetime when they are missing 3 or more assignments or currently have an F in any class. Primetime is assigned Monday morning in homeroom when teachers go over grades with students. Students who meet the requirements are required to stay on Tuesday and Thursday until 4:15.  Our goal at LGMS is to get all students the support they need to be successful.
The PTO is looking for parents to join and be a part of Student Experiences - Education Enrichment - Teacher/Staff Appreciation - Parent/Community - and much, much more!

For more information, please feel free to contact:
President Tara Trent - 262-729-7443 taratrent@yahoo.com
Treasurer Tracy Smith - 262-215-5661 smithgraphics@yahoo.com
Secretary Lisa Ghent - 262-215-8538 lghent00@gmail.com
BREAKFAST: Breakfast is served starting at 7:00 a.m. The cafeteria area is only open to students purchasing breakfast.

STUDENT PICK UP: If you need to pick up your student during the day, we ask that you please send a note with your student in the morning with a time that you will be picking them up. That way we can write them a pass to hand to their teacher when it's time to leave. This avoids having to disrupt classes by calling in looking for a student.

BUS PASSES: If your student will be riding the bus home with a friend, please send a letter in the morning indicating who he/she will be going home with. We will then issue a bus pass.

LATE START: Late starts are the second Thursday of each month. On those days, school begins at 9:30 a.m. We ask that students not be dropped off earlier than 9:20 a.m. Buses run 2 hours later than normal pick up time.

LATE BUSES: Late buses run as follows:
Monday - Thursday: 3:35 p.m., 4:20 p.m. and 5:30 p.m.
Friday: 3:35 p.m. and 5:30 p.m.

LATEX BALLOONS; We have students with latex allergies so please, no latex balloons.

WATER BOTTLES: Students are allowed to have water bottles during the school day - WATER ONLY. Please, no other liquids.
Parents and Students: While we understand that accidents happen, it is important that students do their best to properly care for their chromebook. Should something happen to the chromebook, students should complete a Chromebook Repair Request form and take it, along with their chromebook, to the LMC. Click on this link to view the form and repair costs: Chromebook Repair Info
(Breakfast is served starting at 7:00 a.m. The cafeteria area is only open to students purchasing breakfast.)

4K Registration : It's time to starting thinking about registering your student for 4K! Registration begins January 3, 2018. Please 4K Registration Information

Parental Control Software & Cell Phone Monitoring: Click:  https://goo.gl/6YxS36  for more information about free and low-cost solutions available for filtering and managing all of the devices in your house. They range from basic solutions to those with many bells and whistles such as setting time limitations for your children or blocking or approving any app on your child’s phone. 
This guide is being provided by  smartsocial.com.  You may also be interested in signing up to receive their free parent app guides at:  https://smartsocial.com/newsletter/ delivered straight to your inbox,
every week, over the next few months.

Internet Program: The Wisconsin Public Services Commission has developed a simple and powerful tool, the  Internet Discount Finder , to show people which internet providers offer discounted service where they live. Anyone can simply type in their address and get a list of discount providers in their area. We encourage you to make this information available to all of the families in your school district. They will qualify for a discount even if they are currently receiving undiscounted service.

Destination Imagination : What is Destination Imagination??? DI is a community-based, school-friendly educational organization in which young people apply creative and critical thinking skills to long-term interdisciplinary Challenges. DI is less a program than a process of learning to appreciate and apply creativity. DI participants develop lifelong problem solving, teamwork, and leadership skills.

DI meets every Monday and Thursday at 6:00 p.m. in the building across from LGMS. For more information, click on this link: DI Info

Title 1 District Wide Information: Title I is a federal program that is used to work with students who would need extra assistance in reading skills. Recently, every school in the Lake Geneva School district became a School-wide Title school . Schoolwide programs allow the schools greater flexibility on how they utilize specialists in each building. Students that are identified as needing extra services in reading will still receive reading services however specialists may also be used in additional ways such as coaching, co-teaching to assist all of our students, and enhance our reading program as a whole.

For additional information, please click on this link: Title I Information
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