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Your Weekly LGMS Reminders
Monday, May 28 - NO SCHOOL
Memorial Day

Wednesday, May 30
8th Grade Dance 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Friday, June 1 - LAST DAY OF SCHOOL
8th Grade Awards 7:45 a.m. to 8:45 a.m.
8th Grade Promotion Ceremony 5:30 p.m.
8th GRADE PICNIC: 8th grade picnic permission slips are due on Tuesday, May 29! They should be brought back signed to your house science teacher. 
YEARBOOK: Yearbooks will be on sale during student lunch times Tuesday through Thursday. Yearbooks are $25. Quantities are limited so buy early!!
MUSIC DEPARTMENT: T he 8th grade orchestra, choir and band will be performing during the 8th Grade Promotion Ceremony on Friday, June 1st. Students that are in one of these music ensembles must arrive by 4:15 pm to their music classroom. Tuning of instruments, warming up voices and taking a class picture will take place at this time. After this, students will put their instruments at their designated seats and then be dismissed to get into the line up with the rest of the 8th grade class. Students will remain in their gowns while they perform. Soon, students will receive their Solo & Ensemble medals in their music class. They are encouraged to wear these as well as any from the rest of their middle school career, as they deem appropriate. Once students are finished performing they will put their instruments in the boys (orchestra) or girls (band) locker room for safe keeping. After the promotion ceremony is finished, instrumentalists must go back into the locker rooms to retrieve their instruments. Any school instruments need to be returned to their music classroom and personal instruments should go home with the students. We are looking forward to performing with our 8th graders one last time at the Promotion Ceremony!
SOUL PROGRAM - Service and Outreach Uniting Leaders - Next year, Ms. Kinney is creating a service project-based after school club called "SOUL" - Service and Outreach Uniting Students. The club will meet once per week until 4:15 pm (students will be able to participate in LGMS sports while in the club).The purpose of the program is to create and carry out service projects in the school, community, and beyond, while teaching students the importance of service, improving organizational skills and communication skills with both adults and peers. If your student is interested in participating next year, please send an email to Ms. Kinney at jennifer.kinney@badger.k12.wi.us. Thank you!
The 7th and 8th grade math team participated in the Statewide Mega Math Meet today at Madison College. There were a total of 20 teams and 160 students. The teams that participated were Beloit Turner, Burlington, Hartland-Lakeside, Lake Geneva, Lake Mills, McFarland, two teams from Middleton, Monroe, Mount Horeb, New Glarus, Oregon, two teams from Queen of Peace, Riverview, Sauk Prairie, Stone Bank, Stoughton, Trevor-Wilmont, and Union Grove. 
Zachary Blasiman came in 2nd place overall!! What an amazing accomplishment!  
7th graders testing their buildings for durability using the earthquake simulator. Students have been learning about plate tectonics, earthquakes, & volcanoes. They are also learning about specific design elements used by engineers to construct seismic safe buildings.

Students are working in groups to create a model building that will demonstrate these seismic safe features. We will then test each building.

During this school year 8th grade Delta House raised $2100 from snack sales. As a part of their 2017-2018 community service project, students researched area non-profit organizations and selected the Open Arms Free Clinic in Elkhorn, and the Lake Geneva Food Pantry as this year's recipients.

On Monday, May 14th, a check for $1000 was presented to Ms. Sara Nichols, the Director of Open Arms Free Clinic, and a check for $600 was presented to Mrs. Sally Roth, representing the Lake Geneva Food Pantry. 

In addition, a donation for $500 was sent on behalf of Delta House to the family of Nathan Dyer. Nathan, a former Lake Geneva Middle School student recently attained national attention when he became seriously ill while traveling abroad. 

Great job Delta House students! Click here to view more pictures: Delta Donates
Several LGMS students and staff members showcased their talents at the Variety Show recently. Acts included:

"Prologue to Into the Woods" Musical Theatre (Lauren Helsing, Brady Peetz, Caleb Monge, Katie Harrist, Ava Ocker, Vivian Ford, Haleigh Smith)

"My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light em Up)"Violin Solo (Emma Czyznik)

"Rubik's Cube Mania" (Zachary Blasiman)

Spanish Song, Trio - Vocals, guitar, bass guitar (OJ Diaz, Pablo Aceves, Jeremiah Clevenger)

"Drum Set Drum Off" (Phillip Steele, Jadon Schramm)

Piano/Vocal Trio (Alondra Abarca, Peyton Carroll, Bethany Schuldt)

"Nocturne in Eb" by Chopin - piano solo (Kalen Kramp)

"Prodigy" Contemporary Dance Solo )(Bethany Schuldt)

"Emcee" (Dominic Alonzo)

For more pictures and video, click this link: Variety Show
6th grade Orchestra instrument switch project where
students teach each other how to play their instrument. 
7th grade Chamber Music project where students learn a piece on their own,
with just a little help from Mrs. Klement.
Mark your Calendars!
Memorial Day Parade  – Mon., May 28 th  – 8:30 am - 11:30 am (see attached information Band Informational Letter

Bands 6, 7, and 8 each march seperately in the LG Memorial Day parade
The parade is at 10 am, with an assembly following at Flat Iron Park.  We will be done around 11:30 am. 
Plan accordingly. This is a required parade and students are expected to be at this event. 
Uniform: Red Band shirts , Khaki pants, black shoes/black socks  

Summer Band - Save the Date - Aug. 6 - Aug. 23 More info to follow

8th grade Only:

8 th  Grade Promotion – Fri., June 1st – 5:30 pm – 8 th  grade band only
Uniform - Promotion gown
Click on this link to learn more about the amazing opportunities available for students this summer through the Lake Geneva Summer Enrichment Program! Summer Enrichment Information
E-Registration Important Dates:
July 30 - PowerSchool e-registration window opens
September 4 - E-registration window closes

Click on this link for more information on how to access PowerSchool and register online: Online Registration Info
(Breakfast is served starting at 7:00 a.m. The cafeteria area is only open to students purchasing breakfast.)

4K Registration : It's time to starting thinking about registering your student for 4K! Registration begins January 3, 2018. Please 4K Registration Information

Parental Control Software & Cell Phone Monitoring: Click:  https://goo.gl/6YxS36  for more information about free and low-cost solutions available for filtering and managing all of the devices in your house. They range from basic solutions to those with many bells and whistles such as setting time limitations for your children or blocking or approving any app on your child’s phone. 
This guide is being provided by  smartsocial.com.  You may also be interested in signing up to receive their free parent app guides at:  https://smartsocial.com/newsletter/ delivered straight to your inbox,
every week, over the next few months.

Internet Program: The Wisconsin Public Services Commission has developed a simple and powerful tool, the  Internet Discount Finder , to show people which internet providers offer discounted service where they live. Anyone can simply type in their address and get a list of discount providers in their area. We encourage you to make this information available to all of the families in your school district. They will qualify for a discount even if they are currently receiving undiscounted service.

Destination Imagination : What is Destination Imagination??? DI is a community-based, school-friendly educational organization in which young people apply creative and critical thinking skills to long-term interdisciplinary Challenges. DI is less a program than a process of learning to appreciate and apply creativity. DI participants develop lifelong problem solving, teamwork, and leadership skills.

DI meets every Monday and Thursday at 6:00 p.m. in the building across from LGMS. For more information, click on this link: DI Info

Title 1 District Wide Information: Title I is a federal program that is used to work with students who would need extra assistance in reading skills. Recently, every school in the Lake Geneva School district became a School-wide Title school . Schoolwide programs allow the schools greater flexibility on how they utilize specialists in each building. Students that are identified as needing extra services in reading will still receive reading services however specialists may also be used in additional ways such as coaching, co-teaching to assist all of our students, and enhance our reading program as a whole.

For additional information, please click on this link: Title I Information
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