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Your Weekly LGMS Reminders
Thursday, September 13th
LATE START @ 9:30 A.M.
Buses will pick up your student 2 hours later than regular pick up time. Students should not arrive any earlier than 9:15 a.m.

Friday, September 14th
LGMS All City Invite 4:00 p.m.
Monday, September 17th
LGMS Invite 4:00 p.m.
Wednesday, September 19th
@ Elkhorn 4:00 p.m.

Welcome Back to the 2018-2019 school year! We have had a terrific first four days as our students get used to being back in the swing of school. Not including the sixth graders who are new to LGMS all together, we have over forty additional new students to LGMS. A big thank you to all the students and staff members who have helped students find their ways to classes thus far. Earlier this week, Mrs. Heck and Mr. Strobel, the principals, met with all the students within their student house to welcome them. They talked about academic expectations, attendance, and getting involved.

To begin with, students will be having homework on a fairly regular basis. Please check your child’s agenda to see what they are working on for assignments. Each grade level will also be emailing a newsletter weekly to share news of the grade level. Included in this newsletter is the “2018-2019 LGMS Missing Work Protocol.” When you are checking PowerSchool to see your child’s grades, you will also be able to see if they have turned in their work, and what the grades were. We recommend checking your child’s grades on PowerSchool once a week, and then having a conversation with your child should you have questions. Your child’s teacher is also able to help answer PowerSchool class specific questions as well. If you have any problems logging into PowerSchool, please contact Mrs. Humphrey in the main office. 
Secondly, our school day begins at 7:30, and we ask that students be to our school building by 7:20. Beginning this year, all of our students are inside before the school day starts. They are able to go to their lockers at 7:20. Within that ten minutes, they need to go to their locker, go to their 10th period to pick up their Chromebook, and then go their first period class. If they are not here by 7:20, it is difficult to get to their first period on time, and it creates stress for the student at the beginning of the day. The “2018-2019 LGMS Universal Tardy Protocol” is also included in this newsletter. We are beginning our tardy protocol on Monday, and this has been communicated to the students. 

Finally, we encourage all students to get involved in some type of activity here at LGMS. Cross Country( for boys and girls, grades 6-8), and Girls Volleyball (grades 7,8) have just begun. Students are still able to join. Flag football, open to all students, will begin in a couple of weeks, and announcements will be made regarding Student Council and Yearbook. Throughout the year, we have many different sports, clubs, and activities offered. The “LGMS Clubs and Activities Meeting Times and Dates” is included below which will give you an idea of what is offered and when. 

We look forward to a wonderful school year!
Please review important information concerning missing work and tardy to school policies.
6th GRADE FLAG FOOTBALL : Any Sixth Grade boy or girl interested in Flag Football, please see Mr. Turk, Mr. McGrath or Mr. Nottestad for a sign-up sheet. Flag Football starts Thursday, Sept. 13.  
7th / 8th GRADE FLAG FOOTBALL : Any 7th grader interested in flag football please see Mr. Weiss or Mr. Dummer. Any 8th grader interested can see Mr. Lottig. Flag football for 7th and 8th grade begins Wed. Sept 12th
STUDENT COUNCIL : Anyone interested in joining student council should attend the after school meeting on Monday, September 10th in the choir room. This meeting goes until 4:10. If you are unable to attend but will still like to join, see Mrs. May
or Mrs. Mazurek for an application packet.
ORCHESTRA : Turn in the Orchestra Handbook Contract (last page) for a grade of 20 points. Have a binder, binder tabs and a pencil for a grade of 30 points. Both the contract and supplies are due next Friday, 9/14. New students - Bring $12 for Orchestra Polo shirt (worn for concerts). Students are sized in class. 
The following will be the schedule for the late busses this year:

3:30 bus will only run on Tuesday and Thursday. We will have 2 routes this year. One that will service the students that live in Lake Geneva AND a bus that will take students to Pell Lake. We will no longer have a 3:30 bus on Monday, Wed, or Friday. This route will begin on Sept. 18th.

4:20 bus to stay the same. This route runs for all students Mon-Thurs.

5:30 bus to stay the same. This route runs for all students Mon-Fri.

8th grade ELA students participated in a "Book Tasting" on the first day of school, ensuring that every student was able to bring a book home to read on their first day of school. 
7th grade Science students using the scientific method to solve problems and measuring using metric units.
6th grade Science bridge building to hold 300 grams of pennies
LGMS has Spirit Wear available for purchase online only through Friday, September 16th. This includes band apparel. The website is http://www.pfifashions.com. Choose Group Sales / Lake Geneva Middle School / Go. Apparel will be delivered to the LGMS main office early October.
Parental Control Software & Cell Phone Monitoring: Click:  https://goo.gl/6YxS36  for more information about free and low-cost solutions available for filtering and managing all of the devices in your house. They range from basic solutions to those with many bells and whistles such as setting time limitations for your children or blocking or approving any app on your child’s phone. 
This guide is being provided by  smartsocial.com.  You may also be interested in signing up to receive their free parent app guides at:  https://smartsocial.com/newsletter/ delivered straight to your inbox,
every week, over the next few months.

Internet Program: The Wisconsin Public Services Commission has developed a simple and powerful tool, the  Internet Discount Finder , to show people which internet providers offer discounted service where they live. Anyone can simply type in their address and get a list of discount providers in their area. We encourage you to make this information available to all of the families in your school district. They will qualify for a discount even if they are currently receiving undiscounted service.

Title 1 District Wide Information: Title I is a federal program that is used to work with students who would need extra assistance in reading skills. Recently, every school in the Lake Geneva School district became a School-wide Title school . Schoolwide programs allow the schools greater flexibility on how they utilize specialists in each building. Students that are identified as needing extra services in reading will still receive reading services however specialists may also be used in additional ways such as coaching, co-teaching to assist all of our students, and enhance our reading program as a whole.

For additional information, please click on this link: Title I Information
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