Music Heals

Playlist #5, from LGSO's Louis Dolmon
Inspired from our friends in the Johnstown Symphony in Western Pennsylvania, we offer playlists of music that have proved meaningful to LGSO musicians and audience during this challenging time. There are two ways to participate:

Listen: playlists will arrive in LGSO emails. You can also follow us on Facebook.

Submit: click here to let us know what pieces have inspired you during this time.
During this time of relative isolation we tell stories to amuse, inform and relate to one another. Music is a powerful medium by which to tell a story.
Aaron Copland composed the music for the movie based on the John Steinbeck novel. While the film may have passed into relative obscurity, the music is timeless. Note the meter of 10 beats to the measure in the fifth movement,
Camina Burana is a set of poems and texts concerning “adult pastimes” from the 11-13th centuries set to music by Carl Orff. Here is a flashmob mashup of two of the movements. If you like the YouTube, you will enjoy the full piece.
Pioneering music from Miles Davis in this 1957 album, “Birth of the Cool”. The album features fine ensemble playing supporting Miles’ lyricism. Enjoy this cut, “Move.”
Peter Schickele created very involved music parodies. Here is one that involves the viola - the world’s funniest stringed instrument. Hope all of you find the fun in this piece.