Music Heals
Inspired from our friends in the Johnstown Symphony in Western Pennsylvania, we offer playlists of music that have proved meaningful to LGSO musicians and audience during this challenging time. There are two ways to participate:

Listen: playlists will arrive in LGSO emails. You can also follow us on Facebook.

Submit: click here to let us know what pieces have inspired you during this time.
Bruce Martin, horn
Dmitri Shostakovitch has always been a favorite of mine, the seventh symphony especially. My favorite recording (to date) is Klaus Makela with the Frankfurt Radio Symphony. Very powerful, beautiful playing under the (very mature) direction of a brilliant young conductor.

To bring some context to the piece is the BBC documentary "Leningrad and the Orchestra that Defied Hitler" from 2016. I cannot imagine the visceral impact hearing this piece had on not only the people of Leningrad but the german troops that surrounded the city.

In the vocal area is a recording of Eric Whitacre's 'Sleep' by the group Voces8. Amazing dynamic contrast and expressive color. Gentle but intense.
A favorite performer and conductor of mine is Jordi Savall. His concert 'Jean-Philippe Rameau: La Orquesta de Luis XV' is a joyous celebration of Rameau's music in a beautiful setting. (maybe we should think about bagpipes in the wind section??)