Music Heals
Inspired from our friends in the Johnstown Symphony in Western Pennsylvania, we offer playlists of music that have proved meaningful to LGSO musicians and audience during this challenging time. There are two ways to participate:

Listen: playlists will arrive in LGSO emails. You can also follow us on Facebook.

Submit: click here to let us know what pieces have inspired you during this time.
Amy Bachman, violin
We started playing this beautiful symphony last year with the orchestra and I was very much enjoying it, but particularly was captivated by the third movement. This has been frequently playing in my car and in my house since the first time I listened to it. I love the expression and beauty. It sings to my heart and I hope that we can meet as a full orchestra together real soon to perform it!
I really enjoy the idea behind this song (especially the chorus). It has reminded me lately that with all of this extra screen time and opportunity to get "sucked in" to TV and absorbed in politics, we should instead get outside and absorb the sunshine and focus on what the real important things in life are. (And who doesn't want to blow up their TV sometimes?!)
This version is so beautifully done with the choir and instrumentals..tugs at the heart strings! The 23rd Psalm has been a favorite of mine all my life. Its very comforting and encouraging, especially through this past year. With so much uncertainty in the world, knowing that God is in control and has created us for this particular time gives me lots of hope and reassurance.
I love this great country of ours and what it has always stood for. This is a great reminder that we are all Americans and this country is ours, all of us. 
This song is special to me because it has always been a favorite song of mine since elementary school and now is one of my toddler boys' favorite songs as well.