Music Heals
Inspired from our friends in the Johnstown Symphony in Western Pennsylvania, we offer playlists of music that have proved meaningful to LGSO musicians and audience during this challenging time. There are two ways to participate:

Listen: playlists will arrive in LGSO emails. You can also follow us on Facebook.

Submit: click here to let us know what pieces have inspired you during this time.
Bethany Hartlaub, keyboard and violin
This first piece combines one of my favorite instruments, cello, with one of my favorite composers, Bach. The beauty and elegance of the solo cello, combined with the masterfulness of the composer makes it a piece I enjoy listening to again and again.
This Schubert Piano Trio has been on my bucket list to play for years. I grew up listening to it from a CD my grandma had and it has always been a personal favorite. I am so excited that the trio I am a part of has started working on it and we hope to share it at a chamber concert in the future! Each movement is so uplifting and joyful. And of course, Schubert’s incredible melodies come soaring through in each movement.
This cover of A Million Dreams by The Piano Guys is just a fun, inspiring piece to listen to and enjoy! Being a pianist, I had to include at least one piano solo and this is a favorite.
As we are entering Holy Week and the anticipation of Easter, I have been loving this song by singer/songwriter Andrew Peterson. In the midst of the chaos in our world and all we have been through in the past year, this song points us to the Hope we have in Jesus Christ. I hope it encourages your heart as well.