It's Volunteer Appreciation Week!
Join us in recognizing the phenomenal people who
make our work possible!

So many of the ordinary things we took for granted have been turned upside down in the last eight weeks. We have all had to change almost everything about how we move through our day to day lives, tasks and relationships. One of the things we miss the most is our daily interaction with our fabulous volunteers!

At LHR, we've pivoted so much that we've had whole days of dizziness. But adapting and changing to best serve those in need in our community is our new way of doing business, and we're learning and growing every day.

And we are moving food out to those who need it in record volumes. In the last seven weeks, we have pushed more than 170,000 pounds of food into our community--that's about 142,000 meals. We've made a shift to a volume operation while still trying to maintain personal, dignified services to each family and doing so safely for everyone. Our fabulous volunteers are working outside, under tents in all weather to help.

We are beginning to understand that we may need to keep these changes in place for far longer than any of us would like, and that when we resume regular operations, it might look different than it did before, but we can't wait to get our volunteers back in here on a regular basis.

Your messages of encouragement and support keep us going. The Loudoun Hunger Relief team is committed to continuing to serve and we love having each of you alongside us. We believe no one should be hungry, and we believe that in good times and in bad. Thank you to our volunteers who started this organization 29 years ago and have been the backbone here ever since!

Wishing you a good weekend and week to come,

Your friends at LHR!

Your help is making a huge impact!