Greetings From Your LHS Counseling Team
Hello Loveland High families! We understand that with the current circumstances and the new ways in which we are conducting education, there are so many questions and unknowns. We want to be able to communicate important information to you, and the counseling department would like to take this opportunity to stay connected with you through a counseling newsletter.  

We realize that, for many reasons, questions will arise that are not necessarily communicated in the newsletter. Please feel free to reach out to your counselor directly through email (listed below). We hope this first edition of our newsletter finds your family well.

Advanced Placement Testing Information
AP Students & Parents: It is ESSENTIAL that you are checking your email during this time.
AP exams will be 45 minutes and will be taken online at home.
  • You will have the opportunity to practice with the online format prior to the test.
  • You will have an additional 5 minutes to upload your answers.
  • You will need to access the online testing system 30 minutes early to get set up.

AP exams are scheduled for May 11-22 with some make up testing June 1-5. It is highly encouraged to take your exam on the regularly scheduled exam date in case anything goes wrong in your submission. If you test on the make up date you will not have another opportunity if there is an error. Mark your calendar or set a reminder for your exam dates and times. Exams will be at 10 a.m., 12 p.m., or 2 p.m. 

This year's exam will focus on material that most teachers will have covered prior to March so focus on reviewing with your teachers. You will be sent a code that will provide you access to your exam. There will be several steps you have to take before you get to your exam. This is for exam security.

Just as you would in the traditional exam setting, you must work on the exam BY YOURSELF! Exam security measures are in place to detect cheating and if a student is found to be cheating it will be reported to any college that they send AP or SAT scores.
Students can opt-out of the exam with no penalty or late fee. NOTE: Once you cancel an exam, you cannot change your mind.

Students who need help with access to a device or internet need to let Ms. Anderson or their teacher know right away.

AP Central gives you exam-specific information on dates & times, descriptions of what you will be asked to do on the exams, exam features, scoring and security. Students can access daily online review and training on the exams at
Students with ACCOMMODATIONS approved in the College Board system will receive those accommodations on the AP Exams. You will receive an At-Home Testing Guide that outlines all exam information mid-April.
Concurrent College Classes for Fall 2020
Attention Students: We hope this email finds you doing well and staying safe and healthy in these very unusual times. This message is to assist students who wish to take a college class in the fall at Front Range Community College. This does not apply to Career Pathway students who were accepted into the Automotive and Welding programs.

There are 4 steps which need to be completed if this is your first college class at Front Range. Those who have previously completed a class need to complete steps 3 and 4 only.

1. Apply to FRCC to get your S number (FRCC student ID) and EWolf account access. At the end of the ‘Application Certification’ page please be sure to select YES when asked to authorize COF.

2. Complete the online orientation.

3. Use your Ewolf account to register for your classes. Limit 2 classes per semester. Students wanting to take more than 2 classes must get permission from their school counselor.
Send your FRCC schedule to your counselor so they can adjust your LHS fall schedule during their summer workdays.

4. Complete the online Campus Select form right away so that your counselor will know to notify Front Range to bill the district for the tuition cost of your class(es). Fees and books are paid by the student. You will be billed tuition if you skip this step and have not completed this form by the end of the first week when your college class begins.

Here is the link to the Front Range website for further information:

ADVISING: If you need assistance in selecting your college classes or have other FRCC related questions please contact Beth Montgomery at 970-204-8372 or

We will host a Google Meet on Thursday, April 16 at noon for students who have questions about this process. Please RSVP to by Tues., April 14 if you would like an invitation to this meeting.

Students who want to take a class next fall at Aims Community College , please reach out to your counselor for the application process.
Necessary Changes to Schedule Requests
As the master building schedule for next year is being built, there may be classes that are not offered due to a low level of interest. In those cases, your counselor may need your input in determining what alternate course will be best for you. Counselors will be reaching out to students through their school assigned email account and a quick response is going to be the key. As has been stated many times, it is essential that you closely monitor your school email on a continuous basis. Parents, we ask for your help in stressing the importance of this task.
Peer Ambassador Spots Still Available
Sophomores and Juniors: There is still an opportunity to apply to be a Peer Ambassador for the 2020-21 school year! We’ll need you! Peer Ambassadors give building tours to new students, work with 9th graders on transition day, speak to 8th graders about the transition to high school, present on healthy relationships in health classes, and assist with a variety of school events throughout the year. Click on the link below and fill out and submit the application to be considered.
ASCENT Applications Due April 24th
Attention Seniors: If you are applying for the ASCENT program, the application process has changed only slightly. We want to make this as easy as possible, so all you have to do is email your counselor the following information:

  • Your full name
  • Your GPA
  • Estimated Family Contribution (EFC - from your FAFSA report)
  • Essay: “Why do you think you should be chosen as an ASCENT candidate?”

Everything should be included in the email , not as an attachment. You do not have to worry about any other documentation that was previously required.
Due date is still April 24, 2020.
Helpful Ideas for Transition to Online Learning
This can be a stressful transition for many. Here are 10 tips for getting started:

  1. Breathe!
  2. Remember for the sake of all involved that we are all starting slow. You are NOT behind!
  3. Breathe again! 
  4. Clean out all of your unnecessary emails from your school account inbox & check your email daily.
  5. If you have a planner USE it! If not, you can use your phone or here is one of many free online resources that you can print.
  6. Log in to your Google Classroom and go through each class prioritizing assignments throughout your week.
  7. Find structured time during the day where you can work through your schoolwork.
  8. Email your teachers and counselor with any questions and/or concerns, we are here to support you! 
  9. Visit your teachers during their office hours to stay connected.
  10. Get out and enjoy the sunshine and exercise. It does the mind and body good.
Keep Watching for more information for the Class of 2021

With the cancellation of our Junior and Parent Night, please watch for helpful information in the next issue of our counseling newsletter.
FREE Virtual College Exploration Week - April 20th to April 23rd
This is a great opportunity for college-bound students, particularly juniors, to learn more about the application process, the things to consider when choosing a college, meet with college representatives, and so much more. There are many sessions being offered that address Colorado or our region specifically. Check it out and register for the sessions you desire at the following link:
Thompson School District Mental Health & Safety Resources
For a full list of mental health resources available to students and parents, please visit the TSD Mental Health site listed here:

Additional resources, including supports for immediate safety concerns, can be located on the following site: .

Your mental health matters: