Health and Safety Info
This memo includes updated info for faculty coaches.
Recent changes in state law and BESE regulations require additional measures regarding the health and safety of student-athletes.
Louisiana Act 259 mandates that member schools provide an injury management program that includes
  • Comprehensive Emergency Action Plans (EAPs) for each sport
  • Safeguards to remove students from competition when they exhibit signs or symptoms of serious sports injuries
  • Annual documented training for coaches about the nature and risks of serious sports injuries
  • Best practices for any activity that does not occur in a climate-controlled facility
  • heat acclimatization
  • wet bulb globe temperature

BESE Bulletin 135 (Chapter 5 Injury Management Program Rules for Serious Sports Injuries) includes rules to support compliance with Act 259. BESE policy now requires
  • Venue-specific EAPs with annual review
  • LHSAA Pregame Administrative Conference (PAC) before all events to review EAP
  • Annual documented training for faculty and non-faculty coaches (CECPs) about the nature and risks of serious sports injuries (concussion awareness, exertional heat illness and sudden cardiac arrest)
  • Serious heat illness and acclimatization protocol
  • wet bulb globe temperature
  • acclimatization period and best practices

See links below for resources regarding these recent policy changes.
BESE Bulletin 135 (see pages 11-13 for revised injury management program rules)