Maundy Thursday @ Home
Thursday, April 9, 2020
At the Last Supper, Jesus washed his disciples' feet, an act of sacrificial love and service by which he gave meaning to what he would accomplish on the cross the next day. 
Maundy in Latin means commandment and Jesus commanded us to love one another. 
Because we cannot be with one another as a church body to commemorate Maundy Thursday, we encourage you to do so at home or virtually with others. Here is how this could work. 
  1. Prepare a simple meal together while enjoying time together.
  2. Light a candle symbolizing the presence of God with you. 
  3. Read John 13:1-15. 
  4. Wash one another’s hands or feet as an expression of the love of Jesus for each other. 
  5. Share a meal together and as you do so, ask this question: How can we share the love of Christ with one another and with our neighbors during this unique time in our culture?
For those who live alone, you could share a meal with another friend or loved one virtually and read the Scripture and answer the question together. 
Please send us pictures of your Maundy Thursday meal to
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