Church @ Home
March 22, 2020
While we are grieved we can’t be together physically this morning, we rejoice we have the opportunity to connect in worship and discipleship through the gift of technology.  We are glad you are reading this email and joining us for this online worship experience. A few quick words before we begin worship together: 

If you would like to stay in the loop regarding events at Lake Highlands UMC you can sign up for our email at  or  text the word LOOP to 214-617-1350. We also encourage you to like our Facebook page:

If you have specific prayer requests or pastoral needs you can connect to one of the pastors on

Without a weekly worship offering, we are relying completely on your generosity through online giving and those that you mail. We thank you in advance for your gifts and tithes:
We hope you experience the grace of God through our online worship this morning. You can follow along using the worship order below.  

  • Order of worship:

  • Here is the online worship link