The Light Institute Newsletter
Dear Light Institute Soul Friends,
We are ready to discover possibilities that have not come to our awareness in the past.
As we look into our own solar system and beyond for clues as to the mysteries of life, we will discover that Cosmic laws include far more possibilities for living beings than we have i magined.
Chris Griscom is taking the Genetic Evolution of Humanity to unprecedented octaves--pioneering a new Light Institute Intensive set for 2019--speeding the frequencies, speeding the body, quickening our essence--for Humanity's destiny!
We are not alone in our Cosmos & Chris Griscom is making sure we are prepared to meet our Cosmic neighbors--helping to evolve an advanced DNA for the next leap of Humanity--Humans as Conscious Cosmic Beings.
Chris has been at the helm of Humanity's Spiritual Evolution for a lifetime, and she is now shifting gears through the fabric of space/time to create an opening of Consciousness that has yet to be explored.
2019 is the inaugural year for this uncharted spiritual work--the year Humanity breaks all barriers!
Genetic Quickenings 2! A portal to the powerful future of mankind.
Our Intensives are designed to catapult the Evolution of Humanity , as each of you address your personal evolution. And as Chris' Global Echelon members know well, we are all truly part of a bigger whole--with the potential to be tremendous assets to our planet & Universe! This year , we venture into New Worlds...
Come ride the quantum wave of Cosmic Citizenry!
Surrender to the expansion of creativity...
We are limitless in our potential!
--Quotes from Chris Griscom's Global Echelon
We will be announcing the dates & places of the new LI Genetic Quickenings 2: Cosmic Citizenry Intensives throughout 2019--the first to be scheduled are Kisslegg, Germany & Galisteo, New Mexico.
Wishing you all a 2019 filled with the brilliance of your light. Keep those frequencies high!

Happy New Year!

The Light Institute Staff