Dear LICADD Supporter,

As our nation reacts to the senseless murder of Mr. George Floyd, we mourn the loss of his life and these tragic exhibitions of racism and inequality in America. The Long Island Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (LICADD) would like to reiterate our long-standing commitment to being a Long Island agency rooted in equality, justice, and social change. LICADD has long served as a voice of advocacy, working to identify, address and combat issues of inequality, stigma and prejudice. LICADD believes the time to eradicate injustice is always NOW!

Long Island has a long history of racial divisions and inequities that have adversely impacted communities of color. The long existence of systemic racism contributes to inequities in community resources, education, employment and access to quality healthcare. LICADD will continue to work tirelessly to correct these historical and discriminatory wrongs that have too long been ignored, repressed and denied from our collective conscious.

LICADD is an organization whose sole mission is devoted to assisting individuals, families and communities recover from mental and societal ills. We at LICADD know that we as a people can only enter into the realm of recovery by acknowledging our historical wrongs as means of righting the present and future. It is only through honest acknowledgement, education and open dialogue that we can work collectively towards a future more firmly rooted in justice, equality, unity and freedom.

Steve Chassman, LCSW, CASAC              
Executive Director