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April  2019
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Employee Spotlight
Dustin Warren
Dustin Warren is the friendly face you will see first thing in the morning if you like to exercise to start your day!

Dustin has been with West Tennessee Healthcare for over seven years and a part of the LIFT Wellness Center family for a year and a half. Prior to joining the LIFT staff, he served in the Emergency Department at Jackson Madison Country General Hospital. 

Dustin's role as a Member Services Associate is to greet each member coming in the door, check everyone in, assist guests who are new to the facility and input all member and guest related data in the computer system. Dustin is always willing to lend a hand wherever needed to help things run smoothly here at the LIFT! Even if that means changing members tires early in the morning! 

In his spare time Dustin loves to play golf and he has a passion for people and fitness. Dustin also enjoys spending time with his family and friends. His dogs Hank and Bobo, are big part of his life as well.

Thank you Dustin for all you do to make the LIFT Wellness Center a great place to be!
April Events

Fit Kids class new time 5:30pm-6:30pm
Same Rules Apply. 
Must be in Childcare by 5:15pm

Kid's Klimb will be open to Members' Kids and Grandkids only. 

LIFT will be CLOSED 
April 21st. 
Basketball Play
Members, please remember basketball play is only for Members. Your guest cannot play basketball even if they are with you. 

Also the gym will be closed to basketball play on
Mondays 5:00pm-6:15pm due to classes & activities in the gym. 

Full court basketball play is
Tuesdays & Thursdays only 7:30pm-9:45pm. 

ALL Members must wear a BLUE arm band to play basketball. These arm bands are issued at the front desk! 

Kudos to Keith for completing his Registered Yoga Teacher 200 hour Certification! 

Way to go Keith!

Members, we have partnered with The Blacksmith right up the street from us to offer you a discount as a member of LIFT Wellness Center. All you have to do is show your scan tag to your waitress to receive 10% off your order. 

*Must show scan tag. 
*Does NOT include alcohol.
LIFT Wellness Center's Culture:
Customer centered and clinically integrated 
approach to health and wellness services.

Dale Childress

Dale joined LIFT Wellness Center in August of 2016 for lap swimming. Little did he know how important it would be to his life and health every day. He strives to bring hope, peace & joy to everyone he comes in contact with. In January of 2018 he started cancer treatments again and he's so thankful he has had the LIFT family to lean on. He states "I am constantly challenged & encouraged by the members even when I don't feel like swimming laps."
"I've always been a positive person, but seeing people literally giving it all they have to improve their lives, has lifted me up spiritually & emotionally in ways that's hard to describe. LIFT isn't a place exclusive to body building, it is a holistic place to improve your life."

Dale states that meeting amazing people at LIFT, that are facing their own life challenges has helped him through his journey. He also says that the misconceptions of gyms is that you will not fit in, but at LIFT everyone fits in! 

Dale, we are so thankful for your story and your daily inspiration! 

Come see what LIFT Weight Management is all about! We will have a cooking demo! You don't want to miss this! Also, we will be giving away a NutriBullet! Pre-Register for a chance to WIN! Register online at:

Have you downloaded our App?
We have been working on an app for our members for a while now and we are so excited that we are finally able to launch it! We hope you all download and use this app as there are so many awesome features that we spent so much time on! 

1.Search LIFT Wellness Center in the search on the APP stores for Apple or Andriod phones. 

2. Make sure you click ALLOW notifications so when we send out alerts such as pool is closed, weather closings, celebrations, etc that you will get them!

3. If you have a MyZone and you want your workouts to show up in the workout section, you must use the same email address to create an account that you did with MyZone. (You can find this in your MyZone app settings in the app) 

4. MyZone workouts will auto upload to your LIFT App workout section if you use the same email address. You do NOT have to connect it via the Connected Apps section. 

5. You can check in with your app by loading your scan tag into the bar code at the top right hand corner. 

The Rewards Section:

Gain rewards points by-
  • Installing App
  • Checking in with the App-Digital Barcode (NOT your plastic scan tag)
  • Working Out (only 1 workout a day counts)
  • Setting and accomplishing goals
  • Connecting Wearables
  • Referring friends
  • Birthday Bonus
  • Friends join via App Referral
  • And many more!
You will only accrue 1 reward point/day for a workout and 1 reward point/day when you check in with your digital bar code. Multiple workouts or check-ins per day will not gain you more points. You MUST have your location on to gain rewards point.

You will be able to use your reward points to get prizes! 
Go check out our catalog on the app! 

The best way to learn the app is to download it and get in there and use it! There are so many cool things it can do! The more you use it, the more reward points you get and the more awesome swag you can get!

Attention Members,
M oving forward to obtain 3 day guest passes for your guest, please contact our Membership Manager Laura Davis or Membership & Retention Coordinator Morgan Warren Monday through Friday. 

Please obtain the pass at least one day prior to your visit with your guest.  Each Member is allowed two FREE guest passes a year for their guest. 

April is All about Walking
As the weather begins to warm up, it is a great time to talk about just how great walking can be as an exercise.

It is widely known that Americans (in general) don't get enough physical activity. Our transportation systems have become so streamlined that the need to walk from place to place has all but disappeared. This is likely one of the reasons that 2 out of every 3 American adults now qualifies as overweight or obese.

Walking remains an excellent form of exercise. It's free, requires no special skills, and can decrease the development of risk factors associated with chronic diseases such as heart disease, some types of cancer, or diabetes.

To take advantage of the substantial health benefits walking has to offer, adults need to walk for at least 150 minutes a week, that's about 25 minutes a day! If you are someone who gets less physical activity than that right now, getting in that 25 minutes through walking can result in enormous health benefits.

If you're looking for support to make lifestyle changes and lose weight, call LIFT Weight Management. 731-425-6820

Check out Meg's story!

Lift Weight Management - Meg Hargett Testimonial
Lift Weight Management -
Meg Hargett Testimonial

Or Click Here to visit us online!

Volunteer Appreciation Week: April 7th-12th
We are so thankful to each of our volunteers. Marianne helps out the Membership staff by scanning in contacts. Marvin & Scott help out the Membership & Fitness staff by helping keep the locker rooms stocked with clean towels! We couldn't do it without them!
If you see one of our volunteers make sure to thank them for their service! They're serving YOU!
Family Gym Rules

We ask that all families read and abide by these rules
Failure to follow rules could result in termination of family gym privileges
  • Family gym is Friday 4:30pm - 7:30pm and Sunday 1pm-4pm
  • Gym is for family members only
  • Basketball play for parents and children 12 and under during the above times
  • Equipment is off limits for children (basketball only)
  • Parent/grandparent must remain in Basketball gym at all times
  • Proper gym clothing required (tennis shoes, workout attire)
  • Must have shirt on at all times
  • No shooting weighted medicine balls
  • No climbing on nets/rim
  • No dunking
  • Absolutely no team play/practice

Lifeguard Re-Certification Course 
April 13th 8am-5pm 
Contact Meagan for more information.

Click each picture to take you to the full size image!
Group Exercise

Equipment  Etiquette
Please help us keep all equipment in working order by treating it like it's your own.

Things to know:
  • The sauna is not a steam room...pouring excessive amounts of water over the rocks causes the rocks to crumble. Pouring more than half a ladle of water over the rocks can cause rocks to crumble, thus shutting down the sauna until repairs are made.

Steam Room:
  • The steam room has an emergency shut off button (red). This is to shut down the steam room in case of emergencies. It does not produce more steam.

Exercise Equipment:  
  • It is important to wear proper workout attire while using equipment.
  • Blue jeans can cause upholstery to wear down prematurely.
  • Hard sole shoes can cause cardio equipment and gym floor to wear out early as well. 
  • Do not drop or bang weights together. Dumbbells are not made to be dropped. You will get a better eccentric contraction by lowering the weights under control. If you have to drop the weight, chances are the weight is too heavy. Avoid clanging of weights in the pin selected equipment area. You should always keep resistance on the muscle during each rep. Meaning the weights should not touch until you are finished with a full set.

  • It is important to wash all oils/perfumes/dirt from body prior to entering our pools. If wearing a shirt or shorts...please make sure it is of dry-fit material.
  • Cotton can cause clogging of the filter system.

  • Wall balls/medicine balls/basketballs are not slam balls. Please use the blue slam balls for slamming.
  • Basketballs are for basketball only. Do not slam, kick, or throw against brick wall.
  • No dunking/hanging on the rims/climbing nets.
Following these recommendations will help us keep LIFT Wellness Center and our equipment in excellent working condition.
Thank you for helping us help you.
-Lift Management

This April, every 2 Facebook check-ins or reviews at LIFT Wellness Center will provide a minute of therapy to a child with autism! We're working with Causely and The Autism Site to make it happen. You can add #autismawareness to promote the cause. For more information about this month's charity, check out

P.S. If you haven't heard of Sweat Angels, here's how it works... Sweat Angels makes a donation to a great cause every time our members check-in on Facebook. Thousands of gyms use Sweat Angels, and that's why they're able to make such a large impact each month. If you need some help checking in on Facebook, just stop by the front desk and we'll show you how!


  • The hot tub will be closed for maintenance every Thursday 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM for back-washing and cleaning.
  • The men's steam room will be closed from 2pm-2:30pm for daily cleaning.
  • The women's steam room will be closed from 2:30-3:00pm daily for cleaning. 
  • The basketball gym and 2 lanes of the lap pool will be closed on Tuesdays & Thursdays 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM for SWIM/GYM (Homeschool program) 
  • Basketball gym will be closed to basketball play on Mondays 5:00 PM - 6:15 PM









Family gym/swim 4:30-7:30pm

Kid's Klimb 4pm-6pm 



Family gym/swim 

LIFT Weight Management Information Session
5:15 PM


Full Court Basketba ll


LWM Open House

Full Court Basketba ll


Family gym/swim 4:30-7:30pm

Kid's Klimb 4pm-6pm 


Lifeguard Re-Certification Course



Family gym/swim


LIFT Weight Management Information Session
5:15 PM


Full Court Basketba ll



Full Court Basketba ll


Family gym/swi m 4:30-7:30pm

Kid's Klimb 4pm-6pm 



Happy Easter
LIFT is Closed


LIFT Weight Management Information Session
5:15 PM


Full Court Basketba ll




Family gym/swi m 4:30-7:30pm

Kid's Klimb 4pm-6pm 


Jump Start Jackson

Family gym/swim

LIFT Weight Management Information Session
5:15 PM


Full Court Basketba ll

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