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December 2018
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Employee Spotlight
Kate DuVall

  Kate is the newest face back in the Aquatics Area. In her short time here at Lift, she has had the chance to bond with many members and fellow employees. She has learned the ins and outs of the pool area, and anytime that she is not cleaning, she is attending to the needs of our members. When she is not at work, she splits her time between going to school for a dual Associates Degree in Applied Science of Health Science and Applied Science in Biology, and doing Medieval Recreation. When asked why she enjoys working at Lift, she responded, "I love that I get to help people even its just by putting a smile on their face". 
  Thank you for being a great team player Kate!
December Events

Fit Kids class new time 5:30pm-6:30pm
Same Rules Apply. 
Must be in Childcare by 5:15pm

Kid's Klimb will be open to Members' Kids and Grandkids only. 

Kid's Klimb is Canceled on December 21st. 

Angel Tree
Members, we have our Angels and they are on our tree! Come help us give to those in need! We are so honored we are asked to help these families in a time of need!
Dylan Pittman has earned the Exercise is Medicine Credential: Level 2 through American College of Sports Medicine. 
Congratulations Dylan!
Basketball Play
Members, please remember basketball play is only for Members. Your guest cannot play basketball even if they are with you. 

Also the gym will be closed to basketball play on
Mondays 5:00pm-6:15pm due to classes & activities in the gym. 

Full court basketball play is
Tuesdays & Thursdays only 7:30pm-9:45pm. 

ALL Members must wear a BLUE arm band to play basketball. These arm bands are issued at the front desk! 

Members, we have partnered with The Blacksmith right up the street from us to offer you a discount as a member of LIFT Wellness Center. All you have to do is show your scan tag to your waitress to receive 10% off your order. 

*Must show scan tag. 
*Does NOT include alcohol.
LIFT Wellness Center's Culture:
Customer centered and clinically integrated 
approach to health and wellness services.
Member Spotlight
Jan Littrell

Jan joined LIFT several months ago with the encouragements from her two sons that live in Texas and Florida. They gave Jan an Apple watch to track her exercise and to make sure she was staying active. When several days passed without exercise her son called to make sure she wasn't sick. 
Jan started at LIFT in the Exercise is Medicine program where she was given an exercise program to help in her weak areas. Jan lost her husband earlier this year and exercise has helped her cope with grief. 
Jan not only has followed the exercise prescription given to her through the Exercise is Medicine program, but she has implemented thirty minutes of cardio at least 5 days a week! 
A few weeks ago Jan lost her balance while walking her dog and fell. She decided she needed to work more on her balance to prevent this from happening again. Jan signed up for Personal Training with Dylan Pittman and together they have worked on improving her balance!
Jan also sets a goal of walking 10,000 steps on the days she comes to LIFT! 
We are so proud that Jan has joined LIFT and made exercise a part of her life! And we are also thankful for her sons for keeping track of her!

Do you have a success story or have you accomplished something that you are really proud of? Your story or accomplishment could be what inspires someone else to achieve even more. If you have something to share, please pick up a Success Story form or a Wall of Fame form at the front desk, fill it out and submit your picture. We would be so excited to hear from YOU!

Attention Members,
M oving forward to obtain 3 day guest passes for your guest, please contact our Membership Manager Laura Davis or Membership & Retention Coordinator Morgan Warren Monday through Friday. 

Please obtain the pass at least one day prior to your visit with your guest.  Each Member is allowed two FREE guest passes a year for their guest. 
Join us New Year's Day to start your year off right! Click the image to register today! To be  guaranteed  a long sleeve shirt, sign up by December 15th!

December is the Holiday Month

You probably already know that this month can be especially hectic. Running around, eating on-the-go, parties, and get-togethers can all wreak havoc on your weight and health. Use these HMR strategies to help keep your healthy lifestyle behaviors in place and your weight in check.
  • Step up your servings of vegetables and fruits
-          Stay full at every meal by adding even more vegetables to your lunch and dinner plates.
-          Take fruit and/or vegetables whenever you leave the house to help you steer clear of holiday sweets.

  • "More Is Better"
-          Add in 1-2 extra shakes a day to help feel full. Consider making a double when you typically make a single shake.
-          Double up on HMR Entrees on weekends. Try a new combo like Beef Stroganoff with Noodles and Mushroom Risotto on top of a generous serving of broccoli or spinach.

  • Get physical activity in. Be creative!
-          Consider indoor activity on bad-weather days. If you don't belong to a gym, use an On Demand TV workout.
-          When out at the mall, briskly walk a few extra laps before you begin shopping.
-          Exercise first thing in the morning before other activities get in the way.

If losing weight and eating healthier is on your resolution list for next year, contact the weight-loss experts at the HMR Program for Weight Managementâ„¢. They'll help you lose the weight you want while learning simple healthy lifestyle strategies.

Or Click Here to visit us online!

Meet our new LIFT Weight Management Administrative Manager Meagan Hardison and Health Educator Gabby Pittman. 

Treat yourself to a massage before you become busy with the holidays! Your body will thank you! 
Pilates Reformers

LIFT is offering Pilates Reformer sessions!  This style of Pilates, an exercise discipline invented by Joseph Pilates in the early 1900s, is performed on a Pilates machine known as the Reformer.  By adding the Pilates Reformer into your exercise routine you will challenge your core strength while gaining better flexibility.  Some exercises are performed face up, face down or in side-lying positions.  Others start from a seated position.  The resistance from the reformer can add extra challenge or extra support in these positions for hundreds of exercises!  You can expect an overall more balanced musculoskeletal system from working on the Pilates Reformer.  This discipline is suitable for a wide-ranging demographic, including participants looking to improve low back pain to the athletes who want to gain more flexibility and mobility!  See the front desk for more information.   

Welcome Michael LaCour

If you are interested in Swim Performance, contact Michael at  731-695-6100

Congratulations to InBody Challenge Winners!

Our winners are as follows:
Female Body Fat % loss
1 st place - Angela Black (lost 3.4%)
2 nd place - Deborah Phillips (lost 3.3%)
Female Skeletal Muscle Mass gained
1 st place - Deborah Phillips  (gained 2.2 lbs)
2 nd place- Nicole Wiedenhoft (gained 1.8 lbs)
Male Body Fat % loss
1 st place - Dennis Mitchell  (lost 4.4 %)
2 nd place - Phillip Peterson  (lost 2.0%)
Male Skeletal Muscle Mass gained
1 st place - Wayne Chambers  (gained 1.9 lbs)
2 nd place -  -------------------

Group Exercise
Holiday Schedules

Monday December 24
Christmas Eve
Kathy 6:30 Aqua Fit Fatburners
Rachel 8:30 Cycle
Rachel 9:30 Barre
Belinda 9:00 Aqua Fit Fatburners
Belinda 10:00 Gentle Joints

Monday December 31st- New Year's Eve
Kathy 6:30 Aqua Fit Fatburners
Rachel 9:30- Cycle- Studio 2
Penny 9:30- Gentle Yoga- Studio 1
Rachel 10:30- Barre
Beverly 9:00 Flex and Tone
Belinda 10:00- Aqua Fit Fatburners
Belinda 11:00- Gentle Joints

Tuesday January 1st New Year's Day
Carol 6:30 Aqua Flex and Tone
Carol 8:30 Express Cycle
Jordan 9:00 Kickboxing
Jordan 9:30 Barre
Rachel 10:00 Step
Rachel 10:30 MELT

Email Jordan if you have any questions 

This December, every 5 Facebook check-ins, reviews, or Instagram tags at LIFT Wellness Center will provide the gift of a book to a child in Tanzania. We're working with Causely and Books for Africa to make it happen. You can add #givebooks when you check in to promote the cause. For more information about this month's charity, check out

P.S. If you haven't heard of Sweat Angels, here's how it works... Sweat Angels makes a donation to a great cause every time our members check-in on Facebook. Thousands of gyms use Sweat Angels, and that's why they're able to make such a large impact each month. If you need some help checking in on Facebook, just stop by the front desk and we'll show you how!

The Live Tile Explained
The Live Tile Explained



  • The hot tub will be closed for maintenance every Thursday 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM for back-washing and cleaning.
  • The men's steam room will be closed from 2pm-2:30pm for daily cleaning.
  • The women's steam room will be closed from 2:30-3:00pm daily for cleaning. 
  • The basketball gym and 2 lanes of the lap pool will be closed on Tuesdays & Thursdays 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM for SWIM/GYM (Homeschool program) 
  • Basketball gym will be closed to basketball play on Mondays 5:00 PM - 6:15 PM





Family gym/swim

LIFT Weight Management Information Session
5:15 PM


Full Court Basketba ll




Jingle & Mingle Member Potluck 11am-1pm

Full Court Basketba ll


Family gym/swim 4:30-7:30pm

Kid's Klimb 4pm-6pm 

Blood Drive



Family gym/swim


LIFT Weight Management Information Session
5:15 PM


Full Court Basketba ll



Full Court Basketba ll


Family gym/swi m 4:30-7:30pm

Kid's Klimb 4pm-6pm 



Family gym/swim 


LIFT Weight Management Information Session
5:15 PM


Full Court Basketba ll


Family Swim   1pm-3pm



Family gym/swi m 4:30-7:30pm

Kid's Klimb 4pm-6pm 



Family gym/swim

LIFT hours 5am-6pm


Merry Christmas LIFT is CLOSED

Family Swim   1pm-3pm


Full Court Basketba ll


Family gym/swim 4:30-7:30pm

Kid's Klimb 4pm-6pm 


Family gym/swim 

New Year's Eve
LIFT Hours 5am-6pm


LIFT Hours 5am-2pm

Commitment Day 5K

Family Swim   1pm-3pm

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