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Thanksgiving in a Dish! Provides all the seasonal flavors while supporting you on a weight loss journey. 


2 cups frozen peas and carrots

1/2 cup celery (chopped)

1/2 cup onion (chopped)

1 cup hot water

1 HMR Creamy Chicken Soup

1 tsp poultry seasoning

1 HMR Whole Grain Medley with Chicken Entree


1. Heat a pan over medium heat and add frozen peas, carrots, celery, and onion. Saute for about 4-5 min until soft.

2. Mix the hot water, chicken soup and the poultry seasoning to make a sauce.

3. Dice the chicken strips from the entree and mix with the cooked vegetables and sauce.

4. Spray a small casserole dish with non-stick cooking spray and add the veggie/entree mixture.

5. Microwave 3-4 minutes until warm or bake in oven for 30 minutes at 350 degrees.

Ask the Dietitian

Have you had a burning nutrition question in the back of your mind but google has left you with more questions than answers? Send in your nutrition question and look for the answer here in the LIFT newsletter!

Question: How can I drink more water?

Drinking enough water has so many benefits, but often times we don’t know how much water is “enough” or how to drink that much without constantly going to the bathroom. It’s easier to stay hydrated in the summer because of the heat, but what about those cooler months just around the corner? Let’s break it down.

  1. Having water available as often as you can is the first step. You can’t drink it if it isn’t there. That might mean carrying a reusable water bottle around with you, or even bottled water. If you’re not in the habit of carrying around a water bottle, try keeping water in your car, at your desk, on your nightstand, or any other place you spend a good amount of time. This way you have water available without having a cup permanently attached to your hand.
  2.   It is easier to create a new habit by attaching it to a habit you already have. Since we’re talking about drinking more water, maybe drink a glass of water right before brushing your teeth in the morning, or as you are making a cup of coffee. You can also try alternating sips between coffee and water instead of drinking one then the other.
  3.  Adding lemon, lime, basil, mint, carbonated water, or other flavorings is a great way to spice up the flavor of water, but it’s not the only way to make water more interesting. Changing the temperature is another great way to feel like you’re having something different to drink. Drinking hot water with lemon and honey or hot decaf tea is a great way to stay warm in the cooler months while staying hydrated. Later in the day when you’ve warmed up you can enjoy a glass of cold water. Alternating between hot and cold may keep it more interesting for you.
  4. Slow and steady is almost always best. When you start drinking more water your body needs to adjust to the extra fluid, you’re taking in. If you go from drinking 8oz to a gallon in one day you’re going to find it hard to do anything other than look for a bathroom. You can start by noticing how much water you are drinking to start with, then add one extra cup for a few days. After that, add some more for a few days, and so on. Small consistent changes are going to beat out huge drastic changes every time.

In terms of how much water you need in a day, that all depends. Instead of using blanket statements like “8 glasses a day” or a gallon a day, use your urine color as a guide. Ideally you are looking for a light, pale yellow.

Thanks for everyone that completed our annual member survey a couple of months ago. We were thrilled to have so many compliments about our staff! One concern that came up several times was dress code. We wanted to remind all members of the dress code that has always been in place here at LIFT but wanted to make it easier with the below infographic.

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