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Bestseller "Life Is Not Complicated, You Are" Debuts as First and Only Motivational Audiobook on Jay Z's Tidal Streaming Service

Houston, TX- Building on a streak of groundbreaking accomplishments, bestselling author, Professor Carlos Wallace has become the first independent novelist to have a book featured on rap mogul Jay Z's Tidal high fidelity streaming service. The digital narrative,   Life Is Not Complicated, You Are , featuring the original title track Complicated by spoken word artist Kayenne Nebula   is now available on Tidal's website, which has millions of paid subscribers.
The LINC playlist is the perfect complement to Tidal's exclusive content. Tidal's high volume of offerings includes over 25 million high fidelity lossless audio tracks and more than 85, 000 high-definition music videos. You can now add titles such as Adversity, Fearless, Purpose, Validation and Success to the stellar line-up. Wallace joins a prominent list of Tidal artists featured on the streaming service including Beyonce, Rhianna, Coldplay, Prince, Kanye West, Daft Punk and J. Cole.
Life is Not Complicated is as trailblazing as Tidal's owner, Jay Z. Wallace not only wants to raise the bar, he strives to reinvent it with every chapter and on his own terms. The result? A book critics are calling transformative and life-affirming with a message that is direct and unapologetically necessary. Ahead of Tidal's launch, Jay Z expressed similar goals in an interview with Billboard stating: "We talked to every single service and we explored all the the end of the day, we figured if we're going to shape this thing the way we see it, then we need to have independence. And that became a better proposition for us, not an easier one, mind you."
Carlos, who is President and CEO of entertainment powerhouse Sol-Caritas kept much of his production in the family, tapping Nebula to write and produce the title track and award-winning journalist and New York anchor Liz Faublas to lend her expert voice to bring drama and intensity to the chapter's powerful introductions. Thanks to the sound engineering of Wright Ways Entertainment and fellow East Texan Michael "Boogielow" Baker's original scores and production, the LINC digital narrative is the only one of its kind. The final product is set to customized compositions that bring Wallace's words to life and revolutionizes audio adaptations.
Log on to   Tidal today to experience bestseller " Life Is Not Complicated, You Are" in high fidelity.

Tidal is a subscription-based music streaming service that combines lossless audio and high definition music videos with curated editorial.  Tidal was launched in 2014 by Norwegian/Swedish public company Aspiro.  It has distribution agreements with all of the three major labels, in addition to many indies.  In the first quarter of 2015, the parent company Aspiro was acquired by Project Panther Ltd., which is owned by Shawn "Jay Z" Carter. 

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Sol-Caritas is a prestigious Houston-based entertainment promotion company founded by philanthropist Carlos Wallace.  The company has offices in Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles and New York.

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