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October 2015

The WinPatrol October Newsletter 

In this issue we are including screenshots from WinAntiRansom along with a brief description of how each of the features works.

We are very pleased with how the product is coming along and anticipate the beta will be ready by October 17, 2015. (Network Lockdown may not be included in beta-1)

Please remember, Lifetime Licenses will ONLY be available for purchase until October 17, 2015. After that we will return to selling subscription based licensing. So, if you want a Lifetime License, act now.

All Lifetime Licenses are valid for your lifetime, not that of your computer. They will remain Lifetime Licenses, even after we return to subscription based sales. 
If you loose the license or your computer dies and takes the license with it, all you need to do is write us at and we'll send you a copy of your license. This is something we do everyday for our loyal customers.

But remember, when the pre-beta sale ends, so does the availability of lifetime licenses. Act now , before it is too late.

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In This Issue
Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our customers with first-class protection through our own  unique style of creating non-intrusive applications that protect our customer's computers and their data from the dangers of the Internet while maintaining ease of use.

We believe strongly that our customers should understand what their security product is doing and not be afraid of opening the user interface.

We also believe that your computer is your's and therefore you should have a say in how the products you own work. This is why we designed Winprivacy in the manner we did. And in that same innovative spirit, developed WinAntiRansom. The same principle will be showcased when we modernize WinPatrol next year.

WinAntiRansom Overview
Declare WAR on Ransomware!

Ransomware sucks! It is terrible that organized crime has stooped to the level of holding files on people's computers for ransom. 

The hatred for the folks responsible for Ransomware and malware in general was our driving force in creating WinAntiRansom.

We are NOT trying to replace your Antivirus with WinAntiRansom. To the contrary, you need that protection. What we are doing is adding additional layers of security to thwart those who mean you harm.

Please read more about WinAntiRansom below, we are proud of what we have accomplished. Please remember, all 3 of our products will be getting more powerful in the months and years to come...

PreEmptive Strike

PreEmptive Strike blocks Ransomware, Spyware and many types of Malware BEFORE they can even run! Click the link below the screenshot to the right to see a larger view.

But, please remember, WinAntiRansom is not an Antivirus product and does not scan your computer or remove programs from disk. We merely block them from running and alert you, so that you can scan your computer with your Antivirus.

By default we will allow all Microsoft protected programs and those know to be safe, as well as, give you the ability to "white-list" programs for WinAntiRansom to automatically allow.

The PreEmptive page shows you a running list of any programs blocked by PreEmptive Strike. This way, you can see at a glance anything new you should be concerned about.

Security experts agree that a layered security solution is the best approach. This is why we've included our own layered security in WinAntiRansom.

Because ransomware and malware authors are very well funded from the crime syndicates behind cyber theft, we decided PreEmptive Strike alone might not be enough. This is why we added SafeZone to WinAntiRansom.

What is SafeZone? 
SafeZone is a folder on your computer you tell WinAntiRansom to protect. First, you should place all of your important documents inside of the folder you will be using as SafeZone. Next, configure WinAntiRansom to protect that folder. WinAntiRansom will review the files in that folder and make suggestions on which programs you should "allow" to access this folder. This gives you the added protection of second like of defense between any program and your data. Even if Ransomware can get past PreEmptive Strike, it will NOT be on your SafeZone whitelist so therefore it won't be able to encrypt your protected files. Even better, if a non-whitelisted program attempts to open a files in the SafeZone. We terminate it and alert you to the attempt.

As with PreEmptive Strike, all Microsoft protected programs like File Explorer are automatically white-listed. This way, you can't accidentally lock yourself out of your own SafeZone.

Network Lockdown

Keeping along the vein of layered security, we have also added a Network Lockdown feature. Why? Because most Ransomware looks for network drives first, because for most businesses that is where "the good stuff" is kept.

We know, most home users don't have a network and this feature may not do much for you. However, there is an ever growing number of people running home networks and we would be remiss not to offer this solution in WinAntiRansom.

What does Network Lockdown do?
Simple. Activate Network Lockdown on the Settings page and then tell it which programs are allowed to access your network drives.
If a program isn't on the list and tries to access a network drive, we terminate it. That easy.

As with other features, Microsoft Protected programs are automatically white-listed.

Protected Registry
Protected Registry Action Page

As an added measure of protection, we've included Protected Registry. I know, you are probably saying "WinPatrol already does this" and you are right. There is an overlap in this feature. But, because Ransomware is known for altering registry keys as well, we've added this functionality in WinAntiRansom.

Protected Registry shares your PreEmptive Strike white-list so you don't have to worry about which programs are allowed. Simply add the registry keys you want protected and you're done.

File/Folder Access History
This feature is quite possibly one of the coolest to come out of our work. 

While reviewing the data coming out of our WinAntiRansom engine we realized we had something really interesting. What if people could see exactly what files and folders programs were accessing?

As we played with this, we saw the volume of data could be overwhelming so we created this feature to show the last 500 files/folders accessed by non-whitelisted programs.

Windows 10 Compatibility?

All of our products, WinPatrol, WinAntiRansom and WinPrivacy are 100% compatible with Windows 10. 
In fact, we installed WinPatrol PLUS on beta-1 of Windows 10.
Visit us at: