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We continue to strive and deliver to our partners all things new and exciting in the world of lighting. With that being said, we will be hosting a number of informational webinars with an added incentive!

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The health, safety, and security of our community is our biggest concern,
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"HotSpot EZ Exit LED Emergency System"

With our own Randy Cliburn along with Chris Veira from Fulham Lighting

10/13/20 10:00am - 10/13/20 10:15am

Fulham’s new HotSpot EZ Exit Emergency System is changing the way people think about emergency lighting. High output linear LED strips install quickly in standard T-grid ceilings, with constant power emergency drivers mounted out of sight above the grid. During normal standby operation the EZ Exit system is almost invisible, but when the power goes out the LED strips automatically illuminate, providing at least 90 minutes of emergency lighting. EZ Exit kits are available in 24” and 48” module lengths, and include all the installation hardware required to turn a standard T-grid ceiling into a reliable LED emergency lighting solution.

Join us for a short video and live Q&A!
Chance to win AirPod Pro Headphones
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QUICKHITS is A Series of Informational Zoom Presentations by Acclaim Lighting

10/15/20 8:00am - 10/15/20 8:30am
10/15/20 11:30am - 10/15/20 12:00pm

Join us for a quick 20 minute product presentation on Linear One DMX followed by a brief Q&A session with Acclaim Lighting!

Chance to win AirPod Pro headphones by answering an Acclaim trivia question correctly!
At StarTek Lighting America we take your vision to reality
and build you a bespoke solution—without compromise.
The Timber & Ore Collection uses wood to revamp classic lighting styles
and create innovative new designs, imbuing each fixture with
the material’s innate warmth and character.
Made from sustainably sourced wood, each Timber & Ore Fixture
demonstrates the care and passion found in meticulous, hands-on craftsmanship.
See how we construct these fixtures this exclusive behind-the-scenes video.
Lightweight and sculptural, Kelly Cluster is a delicate suspended sphere with a high visual impact not only by way of its appearance, but also its luminous effect. Recalling the decorative motif of the Kelly family, it is characterized by original patterns achieved through precision laser cuts, thus casting the light and creating an intriguing play of light and shadow. When off, its sophisticated patterns become a source of fascination, making this a genuine furnishing object with a truly scenic effect.

Kelly Cluster is a compact metal sphere with a diameter of 18 cm, which houses a semi–transparent glass diffuser in glossy milk white. The light, which is evenly diffused, underscores the elegance of the laser workmanship, filtering through the empty spaces. Suspended from a thin power cord up to 4 meters long, it appears to float in the air, diffusing a warm light emitted by a 9w LED source. The color rendering index (CRI) of 92 retains the true color of objects.

Collection of recessed luminaires for ceiling or wall applications. Waterproof construction suitable for wet locations like bathrooms, showers and wellness centers.
The milky polycarbonate screen provides omnidirectional diffused light.
Suitable for decorative applications, wayfinding and to compose graphic light patterns.
6 Sizes from 3" up to 8-1/2" in diameter.

 High efficiency system
up to 107 lm / W

Low clearance application
only 2"

LM80 tested LED

ETL listed for wet location

The LuxR Micro Spike Glare Guard is a miniature low-voltage dimmable outdoor spot light, with a 150mm spike for installing into soil.

Ideal for illuminating small trees. Simply plant and orient. Ideal for planters and larger pots.

Precision machined in marine grade 316 stainless steel or from copper the luminaire achieves IP68 water ingress rating for peace of mind.

The Cree 1 watt max LED can be easily replaced if required or substituted for a color LED. The optic is also simple to change if you wish to alter the beam width (see specifications).

Diameter: Ø12.7mm Length: 166mm

Chronotypes and social jetlag: a health issue

We know that the light conditions in the modern world, also due to our tendency to stare at backlit screens until late, influence the production of melatonin in our body, causing an offset in our sleep-wake pattern and increasing the risk of...

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Great Expectations for LEDs: DOE predicts lighting...

The installed stock of LED products will reach 5 billion units, or 60% of all installed lighting, by 2025, according to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). By 2035, most projected energy savings will come from nonresidential building sectors,...

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