We continue to strive and deliver to our partners all things new and exciting in the world of lighting. With that being said, we will be hosting a number of informational webinars with an added incentive!

For each webinar you attend, your name will be entered to win a
$25 Amazon Gift Card!
The health, safety, and security of our community is our biggest concern,
so this is our way of saying “Thank you” for all that you do!
"Making a Statement in your Corporate Environment"

Curated by Liz Panos of
Estiluz Lighting

11/12/20 10:00am - 11/12/20 10:30am

Join Liz Panos and the Arizona Lighting Sales team for a beautiful presentation on using Estiluz Lighting in the Commercial Setting. This presentation will feature signage lighting, linear suspensions, and other favorites used regularly in the corporate environment.
"Blade R and Laser Blade XS"

A product presentation held virtually in the iGuzzini Lighting Lab in Recanati, Italy

11/10/20 10:00am - 11/10/20 11:00am

Blade R | All in one

From chaos to order. Blade R evolves the concept of integration with architecture to promote human well-being and enable smart safety, entertainment, comfort and sustainability services.

All in One: Formal and functional integration. A slim yet powerful circular ring that envelops new functions that go beyond light.

Laser Blade XS | Made of Precision

The Blade is more than a product, more than innovation, more than a luminaire. It's a declaration of beauty.

The Blade is a masterpiece of precision, nano technology capable of transforming a small invisible Led into a powerful and uniform circle of light.
"Kova Deep Dive with Q-tran"

A short presentation on assembly and specification
of the KOVA product

11/10/20 9:00am - 11/10/20 9:30am
11/10/20 12:00pm - 11/10/20 12:30pm

Join us on Tuesday, November 10th, to learn more about our cove lighting solution: KOVA. We’ll be reviewing how to assemble and install the product as well as how to specify this innovative solution for use with our other premium lighting products including VERS and Q-CAP.
TRIPLE is a powerful but elegant pendant ideally suited for high performance applications.
Available in 3 diameters: 6", 13" and 19".
TRIPLE is designed to facilitate internal airflow to cool its components.
The unique design of the lower module reduces glare significantly.
Available with 4 beam angles 15°, 30°, 50° and 70°.
The uniqueness of TRIPLE is found in its multi-directional lighting system consisting of an upper module with indirect lighting, glow ring and lower funnel edge light,
and direct illumination lower module.
RGBW is available with glow ring and funnel to create the right ambiance.
TRIPLE features single, dual and triple circuit options.

The Shell family is among the best when it comes to offering visual comfort. Inviting but not overbearing, classic but not cliché, Shell lighting is the result of its quality optic. Made of thermoformed diffusing acrylic, our HLO (High-Efficiency Lambertian Optic) provides excellent light source obscuration while offering an impressive 0.1 inch of shielding. Plus, every Shell fixture, regardless of shape, emits identical luminous intensity values, precisely measured down to the square inch with UP (Unity Pointed) technology.
A Note from Lucifer Lighting
The following pages are filled with enticing architecture, interesting spaces, and beautiful art, furniture, and objects. As you look through these photographs, you may not even notice the fixtures that light up these incredible interiors. And this is just as we want it to be. Because at Lucifer Lighting, we design, engineer, and manufacture our fixtures to enhance what they illuminate, without drawing attention to themselves. You’ll also find some new products – the elegant STELLR® Pendant and the high output CY4 Cylinder – that make more of a statement. But our goal remains the same: to provide architects and designers with the light that illuminates their most creative visions. We are humbled and honored to be the favorite fixture of so many industry leading professionals.
But most of all, we are inspired by them. I’m sure you will be, too.

Click the image below to enjoy Lucifer Lighting's Look Book Vol. 1, Winter 2020-2021