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We continue to strive and deliver to our partners all things new and exciting in the world of lighting. With that being said, we will be hosting a number of informational webinars with an added incentive!

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"Q-Tran New Website Launch"

With Shannon Markey and Danielle Hicks

10/06/20 8:00am - 10/06/20 8:30am
10/06/20 11:00am - 10/06/20 11:30am

Using their popular Crowdcast platform, Q-School, Q-tran will be showcasing and taking a tour through their brand new website!
Organic shape and minimalist form conceals the mechanics of this high-performance luminaire, offering both volumetric and directional lighting with two light sources and infinite control options of multi-layered illumination.

Throughout our extensive history in making decorative lighting fixtures, Besa Lighting has offered sophisticated lighting designs intended to complement virtually all types of architecture. Our unique yet functional product delivers innovative looks, utilizing Besa’s core competencies of European glass artisanship, sensibly contemporary styling, and flexibility in both lamping and mounting options. Through exceptional collaboration of American designers and European craftsmen, Besa Lighting merges traditional techniques with avant-garde sensibility, resulting in handcrafted glass of unprecedented quality.
The Mesh family expands with important functional features that offer users total freedom of lighting control.

Thanks to a wireless kit available for the Mesh suspensions large (Ø 100) and medium (Ø 80), users can interact with the lamp by means of a smart device.
Luceplan has developed a special app (for IOS and Android) that makes it possible to control single or multiple units, individually or as a group. The app permits use of one or more light points at a time, orienting light in space to create different moods and experiences.
The app can be programmed with 6 presets for rapid activation. It is also possible to set up a dynamic scenario with a simple touch of the screen. Using a local Internet connection, on-off functions can be programmed in remote access mode.

This small scale 5-1/2" wide by 2-1/2" tall, horizontal step light is perfect for any indoor or outdoor application. It's robust construction of solid anodized aluminum or marine grade stainless steel makes it a long lasting and durable option for high traffic walkway illumination.

The L770 comes in two wattages of 3W or 6W and a offering of various color temperatures from a very warm 2200K to a bright and crisp 3500K. Available in both 80+ & 90+ CRI.

The first and only 4” linear downlight to install just like a cross tee in a suspended ceiling.

The GEMINI revolutionizes the installation process to achieve linear lighting on-center with the grid by replacing the actual cross tees. Typical linear downlights require a custom grid opening to be constructed in order to support the fixture, while the GEMINI has integrated cross-tees to create this on-center opening without additional grid components. This simplifies installation and allows for a more cohesive ceiling aesthetic.

Offered with a single 4” wide lens, or a dual lens option that matches the surrounding grid lines, the GEMINI provides a low-glare, simple to install, linear downlight lighting solution while also conserving plenum space.  
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